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General notes

See Certificate Students to learn more about our certificate program.

If you are a first-semester degree-seeking student, please review the new student requirements.

Use your Texas A&M University Gmail for any departmental communications.
NOTE: If you want your Texas A&M email set to forward messages to another email account, go to the Aggie Gateway and verify your email forwarding settings under the "Email Settings" tab.

Problems with course videos

As of fall 2017 we have been using a new system called MEDIASITE. While the IT support group and MEDIASITE folks have worked out many glitches, some could still occur.

If you notice any technical problems with the courses, such as sound issues, video issues, or poor resolution, please send an email to and copy us on it

Forms you will need

For petitions, announcement for final exam, other type forms, and information on graduation is located on the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies website. Most forms are submitted online.

Any forms MUST be resent or updated if and when they expire.

Your final project/report 

PETE 692 is your professional written report. It is your final report (also called your Final Exam by OGAPS) and has a deadline of mid-semester.

You will work one-on-one with the Chair (Advisor) of your committee. We suggest:

  • Discussing a topic with your Chair the semester before you take it, due to deadline dates
  • Taking PETE 692 as your last class, because there may be a lot of research involved
  • Starting early - monitor for calendars/deadlines at the beginning of your last semester
  • Reading our Graduation page for more information

Other important information

As a Master of Engineering student, you should bookmark the following IMPORTANT active links for reference throughout your degree program. Although we do our best to keep you informed, YOU are responsible for following any deadlines provided by Texas A&M University.

  1. Online Learning website – list of courses, contacts, resources
  2. Office of Registrar – academic calendar for start/end classes, deadlines for adding and/or dropping courses, and other information
  3. Office of Graduate and Professional Studies – degree plans, petition forms, and graduation steps/deadlines/forms]
  4. Graduate Catalog – for your review
  5. HOWDY – YOUR student page for degree evaluation, registration, courses, billing, withdrawing, etc.
  6. SPE resources online – electronic forms of documents
  7. Aggie Ring – all distance learning degree-seeking students are eligible to purchase an Aggie Ring upon completion of the program.
  8. Student Business Services - student ID cards, billing questions, tuition and fees, refunds
  9. Aggie Traditions
  10. Current Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)