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The department offers degrees from two disciplines: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Our distance learning programs offer the same level of education as our highly reputed on-campus programs.

The department of electrical and computer engineering offers research opportunities in a variety of areas.

Recent News

Dr. Le Xie proposes a user-tailored rate plan for utility companies that will benefit individuals who use less power and those who use an excess of power from the electrical grid during peak times will cover more of the delivery cost.

Milad Soleimani is developing decision-making tools to enable and incentivize consumers to provide energy resource support back to the power grid to minimize the impact on the grid and decrease costs for utility companies when the system is operating in extreme conditions.

Instead of converting solar light into electrical power for immediate use, Dr. Christi Madsen envisions remoting light energy to another location optically by concentrating solar light and using waveguides.

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