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We offer curriculum that prepares students for the petroleum industry and other fields that involve fluid flow through subsurface formations, particularly for those professions dealing with drilling, production, reservoir engineering, and transportation of oil, gas, and other subsurface resources.

Our undergraduate program in petroleum engineering includes sufficient training in basic engineering sciences to prepare our students for the application of engineering principles to the petroleum industry. For example, courses in geology give an understanding of the geological structures and conditions favorable for petroleum deposits. To this essential foundation, we add courses in petroleum engineering, which illustrate the application of the engineering principles to the type of problems and solution methods used in the petroleum industry. We also insist on industry or research experience before graduation. As a result, our graduates enter the industry ready to be productive contributors who understand the need to continue to learn and improve their skills throughout their careers.

Our graduate program in petroleum engineering offers graduate degrees and course work at both the Masters and Doctoral levels. The program is recognized for excellence in teaching and research, both nationally and internationally, and currently includes students from 30 countries.

Both our undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked highly by U.S. News and World Report.