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Our Certificates of Continuing Education program meets the needs of petroleum engineers and other professionals wanting to grow or update their understanding of specific areas within petroleum engineering. Our certificates are managed through the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment (TEES) EDGE program.

Completing one of our certificates won't give you a degree or college credit. Instead, it will add valuable depth to your knowledge, especially if you work in the oil and gas industry.

Certificates Offered

Our program features several certificates and individual petroleum engineering courses. You can find the details and start dates on our TEES EDGE petroleum certificates webpage.


Certificates provide focused study. You earn them by completing the graduate-level courses needed for each certificate. While these courses can't go toward a degree, they can:

  • Satisfy job requirements or professional certification requirements
  • Earn up to 4.5 continuing education units per course for you, depending on the length of the course

You do not need to apply to the university to take these courses. And you will receive written verification when you complete each course and certificate.


Certificates are not as costly as a degree because you don't have to pay tuition and student fees. Check out our TEES EDGE enrollment requirements webpage for details.


We prefer that you have an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering. If you don't, we need you to have an undergraduate degree in a closely related engineering discipline and several years of experience in the oil and gas field.

How to Apply

For registration or account help, get in touch with the TEES EDGE personnel or email our online learning program.

Courses and Scheduling

Courses offered are based on the graduate course schedule for each semester, meaning they often change.

Visit the TEES EDGE site and check their certificates or course information regularly to see what is available.

Technology and Software

Visit our technology required page for information on computers, internet connections, web browsers, additional or optional hardware and software, etc.

Special software might be required for specific courses, though some classes may provide you with the software needed if you are registered to take them.


For questions about courses and programs, reach out to us at:

For questions on the registration process, please email TEES EDGE.