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If you are an undergraduate student in our petroleum engineering department and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in petroleum engineering, the Fast Track program can help you complete both your Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Engineering (M.E.) degrees within five years

The process is accelerated because Fast Track allows you to begin taking graduate courses at the start of your junior year. 

How Fast Track Works

Our department has streamlined its program for Fast Track participants by substituting specific graduate courses for selected undergraduate course offerings. You will take 600-level courses* starting your junior year, earning graduate credit while fulfilling undergraduate requirements through “credit-by-exam.”

*Please check with our undergraduate program in suite 501 of the Richardson building for more details on courses.


  • Participate earlier in graduate studies
  • Identify research opportunities in your chosen discipline sooner
  • Receive dual credits for B.S and M.S./M.E. degrees on up to four courses


  • Apply to Fast Track during the last semester of your sophomore year
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above during your sophomore year
  • Receive approval from your undergraduate advisor
  • Take the GRE before the start of your senior year
  • Obtain a research advisor before beginning your senior year
  • Begin research your senior year (and continue through your graduate year)
  • Take no more than two graduate courses per semester in your junior and senior year
  • Apply with EngineeringCAS for admission to the graduate program

Time Commitment

Estimated Completion

Estimated time required to receive a master’s degree after completing the bachelor’s portion:

  • M.E. - nine months or two semesters
  • M.S. - one year, depending on thesis completion

Residency Hours

Texas A&M has a residency requirement of nine hours for an M.S. degree. There is no residency requirement for an M.E. degree.


To find out more, or start the process, set up an appointment with our undergraduate program director, Catherine Sliva, at