U.S. News and World Report continually ranks the petroleum engineering department at Texas A&M high in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The primary goals of our undergraduate program are to produce up to 200 highly-qualified U.S. and international students each year, placing these students in entry-level industry positions or graduate programs, and to maintain an ABET-accredited program in petroleum engineering.

To reach these goals, we give our students the best possible preparation to enter the oil and gas industry. Our curriculum provides every student with a solid foundation in petroleum engineering fundamentals, but we also insist on experience in the industry. As a result, our graduates enter the industry ready to be productive contributors, but they also understand the need to continue to learn and improve their skills throughout their careers.

Our department also offers graduate degree programs and course work at both the Masters' and PhD level. Our program is recognized for excellence in teaching and research, both nationally and internationally, and currently includes students from 30 countries.


That "I am an Aggie Petroleum Engineer" be the most respected, prestigious self-definition within the petroleum engineering profession.


  • to create, preserve, integrate, transfer and apply petroleum engineering knowledge.
  • to produce capable future engineers and to enhance the capabilities of current practitioners.