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Ocean Engineering Grid

One Department, Two Locations

Degrees offered: B.S.; M.S.; M.Eng.; Ph.D.

College Station

A New Generation of Engineering

The Zachry Engineering Education Complex at Texas A&M University


A Campus by the Sea

Texas A&M University at Galveston

Recent News

With employee’s lives and a company’s costs at risk, it’s imperative for engineers to design offshore structures with materials that can withstand the hazardous environment of the ocean. Dr. Marcelo Paredes is researching how corrosion affects high entropy alloys, and is developing two of these distinct alloys.

Irene and Curtis Lohr have established the Irene and Curtis Lohr ’82 Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University.

With changing climates and rising sea levels, coastal ecosystems, which help protect communities against storm surges and events, are being broken down across the globe. Dr. Orencio Duran Vinent and his team have discovered a lower sea level at which salt marshes begin to drown.


The world is connected by oceans. The world is protected by ocean engineers. Our uncompromising vision is to establish an ocean engineering program that is a pioneer in modern curriculum, an innovator of education techniques, and a leader in key established/emerging research/technology areas.

The Department of Ocean Engineering is jointly hosted on Texas A&M University's College Station and Galveston campuses, combining the world-class resources and location of each to provide students a unique educational experience.

Employment opportunities exist within private industry, defense contractors, consulting firms, and government agencies. See where an ocean engineering degree can take you.

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156 enrolled undergraduate students
69 enrolled graduate students
10 affiliated research laboratories