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Researchers have developed the next generation of high-performance oxide dispersion strengthened alloys.

The inside details of a nuclear reactor show numerous rows of metal, cylindrical tubes.

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Astatine-211, an attractive candidate for targeted alpha-particle therapy, is short-lived, decaying in hours. Researchers from Texas A&M Engineering and the Texas A&M University Cyclotron Institute have delineated a purification process that can extract astatine-211 in minutes, increasing the amount of the element available for use.

Nuclear engineering undergraduate Robert “Holt” Mendleski reflects on his internship with Los Alamos National Laboratory’s criticality safety division and the impact it had on his education.

Dr. Yassin Hassan from the Department of Nuclear Engineering has been named a University Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M University’s highest faculty honor. It identifies faculty members who are preeminent in their fields and have made at least one landmark contribution to their discipline.


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