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Industrial engineering is devoted to the design and optimization of the systems of people, materials, technologies, and facilities that produce the goods and services needed for our economic development and improved standards of living.

We currently offer two online master’s degree options through distance learning.

Our department is undergoing a major expansion with the goal of continuously improving our vibrant academic environment. As a part of this process, we have created fellowships for first-year doctoral students.

By The Numbers

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#8 among public institution undergraduate programs
662 enrolled undergraduate students
381 enrolled graduate students

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Recent News

A team of researchers led by Dr. Xudong Zhang are using unprecedented 3D digital modeling techniques to investigate the causes and preventions of spine-related disorders.

Researchers have received funding to develop a wearable, noninvasive, reliable, inexpensive and proactive device to detect and prevent hypoglycemic events in diabetic patients.

A Texas A&M University-led consortium has received support from a local, innovative telemonitoring device and service company to support diabetes and heart disease research.