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Registration Questions

1) I did not see anything in my email about registration, did I miss it?

Make sure you are on our email Listserv (instructions are on our New Student page).

Information about registration is generally sent out mid-semester to the Listserv. Please refer to your Texas A&M Gmail for any departmental communications.

To verify your e-mail settings, navigate to the Aggie Gateway and check the settings under the "Email Settings" tab.

2) What if the class I want is not taught this semester?

Some classes are taught every other year or every two years. Check with your Advisor or Chair on the best replacement for the class you want, or wait until that course is taught again.

3) Who do I contact if I am having trouble with tuition, reimbursement checks, and billing?

Visit the Student Business Services website for the correct contact person.

General Questions

1) Where can I find prerequisites for a course? Do I really need to take them?

Prerequisites are listed in the graduate catalog.

You must make sure all course prerequisites are met. If you do not meet the course prerequisites, you may register with the consent of the head of the department in which the course is offered. However, failure to meet course prerequisites will get you dropped from the class.

2) Can I take a break from the Online Learning Program?

You may skip a semester or even two consecutive semesters. But if you do skip two, you must enroll by the next main semester to avoid being withdrawn from Texas A&M University.

For example, if your last course was in a fall semester, you must enroll by the following fall semester or you will be considered "not returning" and go "inactive." If this happens, fill out a re-admit application. The graduate committee will then review your application to see if you maintained an academic standing of 3.0 GPA or above, which is required by Texas A&M.

There are no guarantee you will be readmitted. And remember, you only have seven (7) years to complete the degree program from your original date of acceptance.

3) Where is the re-admit application?

Here is the re-admit application.

4) Is there a limit on the number of years to complete the Master of Engineering Program?

You must complete the Master of Engineering within seven (7) years to avoid the loss of classes already taken. An extension for a course about to expire is allowed ONLY if you are planning to graduate within that following semester. Review the graduate catalog for detailed information.

5) Where do I submit my degree plan/petitions/extensions?

Submit your degree plan/extensions/petitions (course changes, committee member add/delete/change, etc.) on the Document Processing Submission system.

You can find more information on our degree plans page.

6) Where do I get a student ID?

E-mail the Aggie Card Office at from your official Texas A&M email account requesting the online/distance education ID card. They will verify you are eligible and mail you the ID.

7) I am taking one course but need to drop it. What do I do?

Visit with your instructor first. They can tell you if the coursework becomes more challenging as the semester progresses. They can also suggest study strategies and resources appropriate for their course and give you other helpful advice.

If dropping your class puts you at zero (0) hours. you need to follow withdrawal procedures:

  • Go to  HOWDY.TAMU.EDU 
  • Scroll down Howdy website to STUDENT WITHDRAWAL
  • Fill out the form
  • Submit it online to the office of the student's academic dean

Note: withdrawing with zero hours will not affect your registration for the following semester.

For additional information about withdrawing from the university, see Part I, Section 17 of the Texas A&M University Student Rules. Also, review the link on refunds.

8) I am taking two courses but need to drop one. How do I do that?

Talk to your instructor first. They can tell you if the coursework tends to become more challenging as the semester progresses. They can also suggest study strategies appropriate for their course and give you other helpful advice to deal with the situation.

Please confirm any Q-drops you make with our staff at

9) The video for my class has bad sound or resolution. Who do I contact?

Please email and copy our staff (

10) What if I am having trouble with my Gmail password?

Contact the HELPDESK.

Graduation Questions

1) I am in my last class (PETE 692 - professional studies). Now what?

See our graduation page for more information.

2) When do I choose a subject for the final research project (also known as final exam)?

Check with your Advisor or Chair to determine when to start your last course, PETE 692. You should do reach out to them either the semester prior to your last semester or at the beginning of your last semester. We recommend you check as early as possible, since the deadline for presenting (defending) your paper is usually mid-semester.

3) Do I have to take the final exam or am I exempt?

Final exams (your written report) are required. Check with your Advisor or Chair if unforeseen circumstances mean you need to present your paper (final exam) the following semester.

4) Where do I go to find out about graduation?

Check out our graduation page for more information and visit the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) website.

Good links to know

Academic Rules (Note: not all rules apply to our online program.)

Graduate Catalog

Texas A&M Academic Calendar,-Policies-Procedures/Academic-Calendar. (You are responsible for keeping track of dates and deadlines.)

Howdy: (This will have your student schedule, degree evaluation, and other valuable information to help you succeed in the program.)

Office of Graduate and Professional Studies: