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In any discussion of degree plans, please note that your chair and your advisor are the same person.

Degree Plan Submission

Your degree plan MUST be submitted during your SECOND semester. If you wait until the end of the semester, you risk being block by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) office. This means you will not be able to register.

Do NOT email OGAPS requesting the hold be lifted. Degree plans must be submitted through your committee and approved before any OGAPS block is removed.

Degree Plan Steps

This is the active link for your degree plan steps. These will guide you in creating a committee for your Master of Engineering degree program. Keep in mind that all petroleum engineering students are requesting the same professors to serve on their committees. 

Here is a PDF file of degree plan suggestions (20KB). These are suggestions for you to discuss with your advisor as you both create your degree plan.

Here is a PDF file of sample degree plans (20KB). Creating your degree plan will be done with your Chair.

Degree Plan Changes

Any changes needed to your degree plan are done as a petition through the document processing submission system located on the OGAPS website.

  • Once on the OGAPS website, use the Forms and Information link.
  • Under Academic Process Forms, use the Document Processing Submission System link to file any petitions for your course, member, degree, or committee changes.

Exceeded Number of Hours

If you submit your degree plan and receive the note "exceeded the number of hours", add the justification: "the department requires 36 credit hours for M. Engr."

Course Changes

It is okay to deviate away from your original degree plan.

We recommend all course changes be made either the semester prior to OR the semester of your graduating semester UNLESS you are getting financial aid. 

If you are receiving financial aid, your semester courses must match the degree plan. If they do not, financial aid will not pay.

Always be sure to submit a degree plan prior to the start of classes IF you are taking a course not listed on your degree plan.

Make your changes and get everything approved BEFORE the start of the semester.