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Below is some detailed information for our online learning Masters of Engineering students.

Take course PETE 692

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) refers to PETE 692 as a "final examination." We refer to it as your final report, professional report, or final project.

This is a one-on-one course with your chair (advisor). It is part of the requirements for a Masters of Engineering from our department and consists of

  • a written professional report
  • a formal defense

You can start the project at any time, but the oral defense will not take place until the last semester. Although professors are flexible on the topic, most students relate it to what they are working on with their employer.

Check with your chair before you start your report. There are no strong guidelines for the content, length or style but, generally speaking, it should be comparable to an SPE paper (15 pages of text - Times New Roman 10 pt., single-spaced - with another 10 plus pages of figures/tables). Your advisor will tell you what they prefer.

Also, read the notes on academic integrity and plagiarism from Texas A&M's library services before you begin.

Dates and deadlines to finish your report and give your defense can be found on the OGAPS website at the start of the semester. Defense deadlines are usually around the second week of November, the second week of April, or mid-July.

Steps to Graduation


  1. Apply for graduation and pay the fee.
  2. Check to see if all courses (listed on your degree plan) have been completed.
  3. If there are any holds, get them cleared.
  4. If any of your course grades are below 2.0, you will have to either retake the course(s) or take additional courses to raise your grade average. Your average must be above a 3.0 to graduate.

Keep working on your PETE 692 written report until your Chair confirms it is ready to be presented to your committee.  


When your chair approves your PETE 692 written report: 

  1. Ask your Chair what dates/times work best to do your oral presentation.
    1. Use those dates/times to insert into and send to members to fill out.
  2. Your chair is required to attend; however, if your member or outside member cannot make it – ask your chair, or our distance learning staff, who they recommend to substitute.
  3. After all committee members agree on a date/time - notify our staff.
  4. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all defenses will be held through Zoom. The Zoom link is available through HOWDY, or go to
  5. Fill out your Request and Announcement of the Final Exam form through the OGAPS system, then follow instructions below for setting up your defense before you email our staff for signatures. Note: Under the Department Head or Intercollegiate Faculty Chair section, please put Dr. Jenn-Tai Liang. His email is:
  6. Make sure your committee receives a copy of your final paper at least 3-5 days in advance of your defense to allow time for review and make any suggestions.
  7. The day before your defense, be sure your committee AND our staff receive a copy of your PowerPoint presentation.
  8. Presentations average about 20–30 minutes, followed by questions and answers, which can range between 10–20 minutes. Please run a test of your presentation a day or two in advance. Contact our staff for guidance.

Here is our distance learning staff contact information.


Fill out the REQUEST AND ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FINAL EXAM (RAFE) form on the OGAPS website after date/time/room is finalized.

Send this form to our staff to obtain the signatures; do NOT include the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies on this email. 

NOTE: You might spend more than a day getting the signatures needed for your form. Don't wait until the last minute to get the signatures or your graduation will be delayed.

Once signed, you must turn in this form ten (10) days prior to your exam date, or the final date listed under OGAPS exam deadlines for Master of Engineering (non-thesis) students. Check their website for the dates and deadlines.

    1. You may not graduate if you wait unti lthe last minute to do your paperwork.
    2. Paperwork approvals can take 5 to 10 business days going through OGAPS.
    3. The department head and the graduate program advisor (Dr. Liang) will sign your degree plan, but they are not part of your committee. They only approve your paperwork.

Once you turn in your form to OGAPS, it is --first come, first serve-- in their approval process.


Contact our staff for help with setting up your presentation via teleconferencing if you or any of your committee members are attending OFF CAMPUS. Our staff will need:

  • date, time, and location
  • your committee members names
  • a copy of the both your report and PowerPoint presentation

A test run is recommended a day or two in advance of your presentation.

If you defend ON CAMPUS, you will use your NetID and password to get into the system.


  1. For dates and other ceremony details, go to the Texas A&M graduation website.
  2. A degree audit is needed to check your status and make sure you are cleared for graduation.


  • Remove yourself from the Distance Learning Listserv.

To unsubscribe, send a message to and in the BODY put UNSUB pete-dl-tamu

  • Keep your profile updated via The Association of Former Students.
  • The Aggie is where you order your Aggie ring.
  • Every now and then, drop us a line.
  • Send our distance learning staff the title of your presentation.
  • Let our staff know whether or not your report and/or presentation can be used as an example for future distance learning students.
    • We will not use it without your permission.