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Serious about majoring in petroleum engineering? Interested in transferring to our undergraduate program? Admissions for transfer students are handled by Texas A&M University Admissions. You can find out more about that on the College of Engineering transfer students web page.

But before you fill out their application, here are a few things you need to know about what our department requires.


Typically, our students take specific courses during their first two years. The undergraduate catalog lists them here. Please note:

  • The minimum number of transfer hours is 24.
  • Complete your required coursework by the transfer application deadline.

Want to complete your associate’s degree before transferring? Take the required equivalent of our courses by the end of the two years. Just so you know, you don't have to take them in the exact semester order we list. Refer to the Texas A&M Transfer Course Equivalency website for standard institution course numbers to make sure your courses align with Texas A&M's.

Also, think about taking subjects that fulfill the three (3) hours of International and Cultural Diversity requirement when you choose your Social and Behavioral Sciences and Creative Arts courses.

Required courses for admission

  • Engineering Math I; MATH 2413/MATH 151 - 4 hours
  • Engineering Math II; MATH 2414/MATH 152 - 4 hours
  • Physics for Engineers I; PHYS 2425 (2325/2125)/PHYS 206 - 4 hours
  • Chemistry for Engineers; CHEM 1409 (1309)/CHEM 107 or CHEM 1109/CHEM 117) - 4 hours
  • Composition and Rhetoric; ENGL 1302/ENGL 104 - 3 hours

Even if you took both the PHYS 2425 (2325/2125) and the PHYS 2426 (2326/2126) courses, you will only receive six credit hours towards your engineering bachelor’s degree.

And if your school did not have an equivalent to CHEM 107/117, you may transfer an equivalent of Fundamentals of Chemistry II (CHEM 1412/CHEM 102 or 112) to fulfill this requirement.


We prefer students with high GPAs and the most appropriate courses already completed. Please note:

  • Your entire record will be reviewed for consistency in both coursework and grades.
  • Required courses need at least a grade of ‘C.’ But meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee your admission. This means you really need a ‘B’ or better in your courses to be competitive.


We prefer that you complete the required courses before you apply.

  • If you are a summer or fall applicant, you may be asked to submit your final spring grades. Your in-progress summer coursework will not be considered because you haven't finished them.
  • if you are applying for the spring semester, your in-progress fall coursework will not be considered for the same reason.

Additional Information

When applying, please be serious about pursuing a petroleum engineering degree. Your essay and supporting materials should reflect your desire to be a petroleum engineer. We should not be your second choice.

Not sure what petroleum engineers do? Check out our undergraduate page.

Want to speak with someone before making your decision? Contact one of our undergraduate advisors.

Need more information about what you can do with a petroleum engineering degree? Explore engineering career paths. You'll find us under energy, computing and digital technologies, environmental industry, and finance and business management.