Acid Fracture Research Laboratory 808 RICH Dr. Dan Hill
Dr. Ding Zhu
Acid Stimulation Laboratory 809 RICH Dr. Dan Hill
Dr. Ding Zhu
Advanced Instruments Lab 512 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Anadarko Petrophysics Laboratory 212 RICH Dr. Sara Abedi
BP Laboratory for Field Studies 313 RICH Dr. Maria Barrufet
Chaparral Fischer CO2 EOR Laboratory 803 RICH Dr. David Schechter
Chevron Drilling and Completions Laboratory 216 RICH Dr. Jerome Schubert
Chevron Petrophysical Imaging Laboratory 823 RICH Dr. David Schechter
Corrosion and Foam Stability Lab 1010 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Dual Gradient Drilling Lab USB Dr. Jerome Schubert
Evaluation of Oilfield Chemicals Laboratory 822 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Formation Damage Studies 814 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Gas Hydrates Laboratory 721 RICH Dr. Yucel Akkutlu
Geomaterials for Energy Use and Environmental Sustainability Laboratory 810 RICH Dr. Sara Abedi
High Pressure/High Temperature Drilling Laboratory 509 RICH Dr. Jerome Schubert
Hydraulic Fracture Conductivity Laboratory 613 RICH Dr. Dan Hill
Dr. Ding Zhu
Matrix Acidizing Laboratory 1001F RICH
1001G RICH
Dr. Dan Hill
Dr. Ding Zhu
Multiphase Flow Loop Tower Lab - Entire Building with Remote Access 601 RICH Dr. Peter Valko
Dr. Rashid Hasan
Nano Research Lab for Oil and Gas Applications 1001B RICH
1001C RICH
Dr. Jenn-Tai Liang
Naturally Fractured Reservoir Lab 614 RICH Dr. David Schechter
Oilfield Chemistry Rock-Fluid Interaction Lab 802 RICH Dr. David Schechter
Productivity Enhancement Lab 720 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Ramey Thermal Recovery Studies and Chemical Analysis Laboratory 508 RICH Dr. Berna Hascakir
Dr. Maria Barrufet
Reaction of Acids with Reservoir Rocks 813 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids 812 RICH Dr. Hisham Nasr-El-Din
Tommie E. Lohman Fluid Measurement Laboratory 201 RICH Dr. Rashid Hasan
Wellbore Acoustic Lab 621 RICH Dr. Dan Hill
Dr. Ding Zhu