Not all donations to the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering involve recognized monitary contributions.

Software donations play a vital role in the ability of our students to experience hands-on training using applications tailored to the oil and gas industry. These educational software grants, or educational licensing agreements, can benefit the donating company by promoting their software within our classrooms. In return, our students graduate with needed computer skills.

2017 Donations

Rock Flow Dynamics logoRock Flow Dynamics (website) has provided electronic equipment and software to Dr. David Schechter. This donation includes a high-end work station and tNavigator, a powerful simulation software. Both will aid graduate students within the department in their scientific experiments for Dr. Schechter’s research. The estimated value of this generous donation is over $200,000.

2016 Donations

Petex logoPetroleum Experts (Petex website) provided educational licenses for their IPM software suite, which includes software geared to well modeling and design, reservoir analytical simulation, fluid characterization, multiphase network optimization, specialized reservoir simulators and near wellbore reservoir simulators, and integrated production controllers. The estimated value of this generous donation is $2,336,788.

Re-Studio software logoAmarile (website) provided educational licenses for their RE-Studio software. "RE-Studio is a pre and post processor designed by reservoir engineers for reservoir engineers. RE-Studio is intuitive, user-friendly and modern, and allows Reservoir Engineers to prepare their simulations with the highest standards around a common workflow. RE-Studio has some unique features which do not exist in any other software, like an Eclipse syntax checker, the display of the help manual, a PRT viewer, and a 3D Package (Well Designer, 3D Edit)." The estimated value of this generous donation is $2,112,000.


If your company would like to make arrangements to donate software for educational purposes, please contact for further information.