Department of Petroleum Engineering

Delivery Location

Office: 407 RICH
Phone: 979-845-2241
Fax: 979-845-1307

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Mailing Address

Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering
Texas A&M University
3116 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3116

Undergraduate Program

Physical Location

Office: 501R RICH
Phone: 979-845-6955


Graduate Program

Physical Location

Office: 401U RICH
Phone: 979-847-9095


Distance Learning Graduate Program

Physical Location

Office: 407E RICH
Phone: 979-845-9385

Computer labs and computer support

The department has several computer laboratories/classrooms for undergraduate and graduate student use, and also provides answers to frequently asked questions on computer issues.

Reserving a Classroom in Richardson Building

To schedule classrooms in the Richardson Building during regular class hours call the registrar's office at 979-458-4950 or email Regular class hours are 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; however, some classes are now taught in evenings. To schedule first-floor classrooms after regular class hours, call 979-845-2241 or email and request a room. First-floor classrooms in the Richardson Building are locked each evening at 10 p.m. by Blocker Media and remain locked during the weekends and on holidays. Use of any projector, computer or A/V equipment for the first floor classrooms must be scheduled through the Blocker Media Center by calling 979-845-0807.

All Texas A&M University faculty/staff members and officially recognized student organizations can schedule evening meetings in the Richardson Building, provided the meeting involves university-related business. Classrooms CANNOT be used for private, personal or profit-making meetings of any kind.

Room Numbers, Seating Capacities and Contact

Room # Seating Capacity
RICH 101 98
RICH 106 148
RICH 114 98