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Materials engineering is an applied field that seeks to design materials with some desired physical properties to serve a particular engineering function.

Enhance your student experience by joining a materials science and engineering student group.

By The Numbers

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164 enrolled graduate students
136 enrolled Ph.D. students

Recent News

The National Corrosion and Materials Science Reliability Lab at Texas A&M University in partnership with TEES EDGE, now offers a course that introduces industry professionals to the fundamentals of corrosion and the multiscale-level materials performance for corrosion engineering applications.

A Texas A&M University College of Engineering research team harnesses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to create an open source software package that autonomously discovers new materials.

A group of new smart materials discovered by researchers at Texas A&M University and their colleagues has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of fuel burn in jet engines, cutting the cost of flying.

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