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A team of researchers developed the first 3D-printed, nanostructured dual-phase high entropy alloy that displays ultrastrong and ductile properties. This material can be used in engineering and manufacturing applications, leading to reduced energy costs.

Drs. Emily Pentzer and David Powers are key personnel in the Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage Energy Frontier Research Center, recently funded by the Department of Energy. The center focuses on developing new electrolytes for electrochemical energy storage.

Texas A&M University will lead a Department of Energy funded Energy Frontier Research Center. The center will focus on Reconfigurable Electronic Materials Inspired by the Nonlinear Neuron Dynamics (REMIND) initiative to transform computing to behave more like a human brain.

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167 enrolled Ph.D. students
181 enrolled undergraduate students

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Materials engineering is an applied field that seeks to design materials with some desired physical properties to serve a particular engineering function.

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