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Master of engineering petroleum course schedules can change every semester. You can check course availabilities on by looking under MY RECORD, REGISTRATION, and the SEARCH CLASS SCHEDULE link.

  • SECTION 700 courses are for Distance Learning students only  
  • SECTION 600 courses are for Campus students only

Petroleum courses

The online graduate catalog lists petroleum graduate courses and their prerequisites, but these can change at any time.

  • Before taking a course, always confirm if prerequisite classes or credits are needed. Check with the course instructor or read their class syllabus – usually available on the Howdy site – to see if the instructor has posted a prerequisite list for the course. 

We recommend you make all course changes in your degree plan the semester prior to graduation. These changes are done online through the document system link, which is located on the Graduate and Professional School (GPS) website under FORMS.

Courses in other departments

There are other master of engineering degree online programs within the College of Engineering. If you wish to see what courses they offer, contact that department directly. You must also register for those classes through that department.

  • All outside courses must be approved by your chair and listed in your degree plan.