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Computer Engineering & Systems Website

Computer Engineering offers research opportunities in the areas of computer communications and networks, data science, multimedia, storage systems, parallel and distributed computing and architecture, fault-tolerant computing and design for testing, computer-aided design and testing tools, VLSI design and technologies, high-speed networks and architecture, intelligent systems and controls, and real-time systems and their architecture.

Faculty Members:


Multimedia Communication and Networking Laboratory (Lu, Reddy, Shakkottai, Sprintson, and Zhang)

Cyberphysical Systems Laboratory (Kumar)

Storage Systems Laboratory (Reddy)

VLSI Circuits and CAD Laboratory (VCC-LAB) (Khatri)

Computer Engineering Laboratory

VLSI CAD Laboratory (Choi, Hu, Khatri, Li, and Shi)

Learning and Emerging Networked Systems (LENS) Laboratory (Shakkottai)

Computer Architecture, Memory Systems and Interconnection Networks (CAMSIN) Lab (Gratz)