• Senior Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pierce Cantrell, Jr.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology – 1981
  • M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology – 1971
  • B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology – 1970

Research Interests

    • Computer networking
    • Computer Communications and Networking: Multimedia networking, video conferencing over LANs and WANs with multilayer coding over multiple multicast groups

Awards & Honors

  • Tenneco Meritorious Teaching Award, 1992
  • Speaker 1995-96, Texas A&M Faculty Senate

Selected Publications

  • T. B. Brown, P. E. Cantrell, and J. D. Gibson, "Multicast layered video teleconferencing: overcoming bandwidth heterogeneity,'' in Proceedings, First Annual Telecom. Conference, pp. 145--152, Austin, TX, October 1996
  • T. Brown, S. Sazzad, C. Schroeder, P. E. Cantrell, and J. D. Gibson, "Packet Video for Heterogeneous Networks using CU-SeeMe,'' in Proceedings, ICIP'96, pp. 9--12, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 1996.
  • M. G. Kyeong, P. E. Cantrell, and T. A. Dowling, "The effect of discrete TOA randomization on capture phenomenon in DS/SS local radio communications,'' in Proceedings, IEEE ICCS '94, Singapore, November 1994.
  • M. G. Kyeong, P. E. Cantrell, and T. A. Dowling, "DS/SS indoor wireless communications with near-perfect multi-packet capture,'' in Proceedings, IEEE ICUPC '94, San Diego, CA, September 1994.