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Halliburton Global Programs: International Experiences for Future Engineers | Video: Emily Oswald/Texas A&M Engineering

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in global engineering education.

Our Mission

To prepare engineering students to lead in the global industry and society.

We define engineering global competence as the ability of engineering students to develop cultural self-awareness, respect cultural norms different from their own, and work inclusively and effectively with diverse populations.

An engineer with global experience is able to consider multiple perspectives and global factors to create informed engineering solutions and adapt appropriately to global contexts. In summary, to have these four global competencies or skills:

  • Global Fluency (self-awareness, global perspective, cultural respect)
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Understanding Global Dynamics in Engineering Solutions

To develop those skills, we have intentionally embedded curricular support into the global experiences we offer students. These professional and transferable skills developed during a global experience are directly connected to daily engineering work, enabling our students to be more effective and efficient engineers in this global environment.

Our Goals

  • Numbers: 50% of engineering students graduate with global experience
  • Impact: Our global experiences will go toward high-impact engineering programs that promote professional skills and global opportunities for our students.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Expand global learning opportunities that are integrated into the educational experiences and accessible to all engineering students (Growth)
  2. Equip graduates with competencies to lead the global engineering challenges, aligned with industry demands and learning outcomes (Impact/Quality)
  3. Deploy global programs that provide students with demonstrated learning and professional value that transcend beyond time abroad (Impact/Quality)
  4. Support the globalization of the College of Engineering by fostering reciprocal partnerships (Partnership)

Program Participation


  • Pre-departure workshop and orientations
  • Pre-program reflection
  • Pre-assessment


  • Guided reflection discussion
  • Grade % related to global competency engagement


  • Program reunion (reflection and connection)
  • Written reflection and post-assessment
  • Industry mix and mingle