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Please note that some locations may have requirements in addition to those listed below.

  • Must be a Texas A&M University student for at least one semester prior to application
  • Must attend Texas A&M for at least one summer session or one full semester after the exchange
  • Must have a 2.75 GPR or higher (unless specified differently on program page)
  • Required classification will be program dependent
  • Required major(s) will be program dependent

Financial Aid

Students participating in a semester exchange program must pay all Texas A&M tuition and fees for the duration of the program. For information on how to apply for financial aid and/or scholarships, please visit the financial aid and scholarship page.


Fall and spring semesters: For students to keep their financial aid and/or scholarship package, they must have a full-time status. To maintain full-time status, students must register for:

  • 12 credit hours if they are an undergraduate student.
  • 9 credit hours if they are a graduate student.

Summer semester: Students will need to register for 6 credit hours in order to maintain their full-time enrollment status and to be eligible for their financial aid and/or scholarship package.

Students are able to register for courses at the semester exchange institution they are attending; however, they must receive approval from their Texas A&M academic advisors/professors.

Note:  Language requirements and/or other prerequisites should be considered when selecting other non-approved courses.

Once accepted into a program, please review the preparing to go abroad page for requirements that must be met before you depart.