Engineering innovation

Learn about the Texas A&M University College of Engineering's research. Our students discover how to innovate solutions to problems that affect us now. They also learn to prepare for solving tomorrow's problems.

Stories in Research

Our faculty and students conduct research that improves quality of life worldwide.

Brain-like computing

Researchers at a new center will transform computing to behave more like a human brain.

Abstract graphic of a microchip with brain neurons stemming upward.

Cell decision-making

Cell research could result in the ability to detect antibodies or upregulated cancer markers.

Close up of human cells.

Mental fatigue

A new mathematical method could help investigate the impact of mental fatigue on effort exertion and decision-making.

Graphical illustration of person with a lot on their mind.

Research conducted by higher education has made a significant impact on our health, safety and quality of life, and has contributed to the economic growth and development of our country.

The College of Engineering — through its affiliation with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and with partnerships with industry and other institutions of higher education — is committed to helping keep our country competitive by conducting practical research to address world problems.

By the Numbers

625 industrial research sponsors (2023)
3rd in research expenditures in U.S. (2023)
1,933 students supported in research activities (2023)

Research Contact

Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas, associate vice chancellor for engineering research
Phone: 979-458-1378  |  Email: