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Four students in a safari

Global experience is the currency in which Aggie engineers must operate.

Global Access Program

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering has set an ambitious goal of providing 2,000 engineering students with global experiences each year, more than doubling our current level of participation in global experiences.

The largest impediment to student participation is transportation cost. We need your help.

In airfare alone last year, 700 students spent about $715,000. By the time we reach our 2,000 students per year goal, that number will exceed $2 million.

Help our students attain international experience through sponsorship of student airfare costs.

It's easy! Here's how:

Become a Global Access Program Sponsor

  1. Purchase an airline ticket for a student: You will be matched with an engineering student and your gift of $2,000 will be recognized at the annual scholarship banquet.
  2. Contribute to Global Access Program (GAP) travel fund: A donation of $2,000 to the Texas A&M Engineering Global Access Program will sponsor one student's global experience.


Why support the Global Access Program?

To help students like these.

Photo of David Salahuddin

"We got to see every aspect of the oil and gas field from a different angle, a way most Americans maybe don’t approach things. It truly is special to see the interactions you can have with different people on a much more casual level. Humans are amazing, and getting to know other people from different places really puts things into perspective."

Daniel Salahuddin
Major: Petroleum Engineering
International Education Experience: Beijing, China Petroleum Production Systems

Photo of Ana Santos

“Global programs not only made me see the world with a different perspective but also helped me discover myself as I had to adapt to a different environment. This will be a benefit in my future as future employers might see global programs as a challenge I took and a commitment I had with my education.”

Ana Santos
Major: Mechanical Engineering
International Education Experience: Engineering Ethics in Florianopolis, Brazil

Photo of Ramses Carranza

“It really helps you grow as an individual. Being culturally aware adds value to you as a potential employee. I can go on and on about the benefits of global programs but ultimately it's a one in a life time experience I feel that everyone should experience.”

Ramses Carranza
Major: Civil Engineering
International Education Experience: Italy Civil Engineering, Summer 2015 in Trieste, Italy

Photo of Derek Barlow

“My six weeks of global programs in Spain turned into three months of studying, traveling, and volunteering in eight different counties. Global program was my favorite experience as a student at Texas A&M, and I can’t wait to go back!”

Derek Barlow
Major: Ocean Engineering
International Education Experience: Spain Civil Engineering

Photo of Luis Reveles

“I learned the difference and similarities between engineering as a whole both in Europe and in the United States. This experience will benefit me by making me a better-rounded person since I got to experience many cultural changes while in Europe.”

Luis Reveles
Major: Civil Engineering
International Education Experience: Texas A&M Italy Civil Engineering Summer II, Trieste, Italy