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Two hands holding United States passports

It is important that a student understands all of the opportunities Halliburton Engineering Global Programs has to offer.

Choosing a Global Program

Before planning to go abroad, following these steps can make the process faster and easier:

Going Global Checklist

The success of your trip depends on your preparedness. Please review the list below prior to your departure:

  1. Verify that your passport is up to date.
  2. Check the countries' visa requirements.
  3. Check through travel health and safety resources.
  4. Attend a Cultural IQ session.
  5. Attend all Study Abroad Programs Office and College of Engineering pre-trip orientations.
  6. Attend the Health and Safety session from Texas A&M University Study Abroad Program Office.
  7. Check the program page for specific requirements.
  8. Check your flight itinerary.