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students mentoring each other at an engineering event

Volunteer Opportunities

We have opportunities to make a difference by volunteering year-round, rather through mentorships or student projects and events.

Ways to connect

Junior and senior engineering students, as well as engineering faculty and staff, can participate in the First-Generation Students Mentoring Program (FGEn) for first-generation engineering students. First-generations students are the first in their families to attend a formal university-level degree program or earn a degree.

The Engineering Village @The Commons is a living learning program for first-year engineering students, designed to ease the transition into the rigors of university life by offering academic, professional and social support. Explore opportunities to serve as a peer mentor or tutor to residents at the Engineering Village.

The Engineering Student Ambassadors are a group of sophomore, junior and senior engineering students who maintain excellent academic records, as well as participate in a variety of enrichment activities. They serve as representatives for the College of Engineering for prospective students, K-12 teachers, and other visitors, donors and sponsors.

Give back to the community through any of several engineering student organizations.