Creativity is vital to engineering. It’s what propels the discipline forward. With skills acquired through entrepreneurship and innovation programs, our students challenge the age-old saying “this is how it’s always been done.” Learn how to be a boss from a CEO’s experience, or make the next trending product in our brand new makerspace!

Make something exciting
We have a place where your ideas can be realized, tested and refined. Having the right tools and materials readily available lets you build out amazing creations that expand the realms of possibility.

Invent with purpose, launch your career
Spark your interest in entrepreneurship through our programs. Have an idea but aren’t sure where to take it, or just want to join a community of student innovators? These are the programs for you!

Learn something new
With knowledge comes power! Fuel your creativity with our pop-up classes on subjects ranging from communication and presentation skills, to tools in our makerspace!