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A female student wearing a white lab coat, safety goggles and blue gloves writes on a white board with a blue marker.

What is undergraduate research?

The Council for Undergraduate Research defines undergraduate research as “…the inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate in collaboration with a faculty mentor that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.” It is recognized as one of Texas A&M University's high-impact practices that prepares students for the workplace and society. Students connect with faculty and graduate students who, in addition to research, are able to offer advice about career paths and about applying for graduate school and fellowships.

How to get started

Department programs

Independent research courses: Each department offers a variety of courses (291, 485, 491, etc.) that provide undergraduates with opportunities to work closely with faculty on a research topic.  

Employment: With more than 350 engineering faculty and more than $282 million in research expenditures, there are opportunities for students to work on funded research projects within the college of engineering or within a student’s department. 

University programs

Undergraduate Research Scholars Program: This program is for outstanding students who have completed their sophomore year and are interested in pursuing graduate studies. Students contribute to ongoing faculty research to develop or expand their appreciations for research. 

Programs - summer

Undergraduate Summer Research Grant: This opportunity is open to undergraduate engineering students from Texas A&M and around the nation who are interested in working alongside Texas A&M engineering faculty and graduate students on research. 

Programs - fall/spring

Engineering Honors ProgramStudents accepted into Engineering Honors are required to complete between four and six hours of research by the time of graduation, depending on requirements of the particular major. Conducting research allows students to further develop essential critical thinking skills and enhance professional skills crucial for future careers in industry, government labs or academia.

AggiE-Challenge: The multi-semester program gives engineering undergraduates course credit and an opportunity to engage in multidisciplinary team projects addressing elements of some of the most important engineering challenges facing our society. 

ROE Scholar: The two-semester research program prepares undergraduate engineering students for careers in academic research and helps them gain research experience in preparation for graduate school. 

Research programs

Multifunctional Materials

Majors: Those interested in materials science and engineering-related research
Contact: Dr. Ibrahim Karaman

Online REU (O-REU) program

Majors: Those interested in materials science and engineering-related research
Contact: Dr. Michael Demkowicz or Ms. Isabel Cantu 


Majors: Technology, geography and health
Contact: Dr. Tracy Hammond

Texas Center for Undergraduate Research in Energy and Combustion 

Majors: Aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering
Contact: Dr. Eric Petersen

Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Mechatronics, Robotics and Automated System Design

Majors: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, manufacturing engineering, engineering technology
Contact: Dr. Sheng-Jen "Tony" Hsieh

Undergraduate Summer Research - REU Program

Majors: All engineering majors (including computer science), related math/sciences (e.g. physics, biology)
Contact: Erin Williams

Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) - Advancing Transportation Leadership and Safety Center (ATLAS) Summer Internship Program

Majors: All majors are welcome
Contact: Laura Higgins

Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) - University Transportation Center for Railway Safety (UTCRS)

Majors: Engineering majors
Contact: Amy White

Applied Computational Robotics

Majors: Computer Science or Computer Engineering
Contacts: Jason O'Kane 

Reuse Water Quality Fellowships

Majors: Engineering and science majors, particularly with interests in reuse water quality
Contacts: Dr. Terry Gentry, Dr. Ali Fares, Dr. Anish Jantrania

NSF Precise Advanced Technologies and Health Systems for Underserved Populations (PATHS-UP) - Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems

Majors: Biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial, mechanical engineering and material science engineering
Contact: Dr. Gerard Cote

ATP-Bio Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program in Biopreservation Technologies 

Majors: All science and engineering majors, including, but not limited to: chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering, physics 
Contact: Johaynah Al-Rifi 


The following resources allow you to search for summer research programs across the U.S. by discipline or by state/location.