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Value of a Global Opportunity

The cost of a four-year college education extends beyond tuition and fees. The Texas A&M University College of Engineering is committed to creating affordable global opportunities that, over students' four-year college careers, are educational investments that extend beyond graduation. Our post-program surveys indicate that more than 90% of respondents feel that engineering global programs were worth their time and the financial commitment they invested. Students have also said our programs are, “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities” and one of the “greatest personal growth experiences” they had during college.

Program Pricing

Program prices vary based on the program type, the term during which the program is offered, and the location and duration abroad. Program pricing typically includes lodging, in-country transportation, faculty expenses, administrative/coordination fees, mandatory health insurance, transportation to cultural and industry visits, and some group meals. Program pricing does not include international airfare, personal spending, and in certain academic terms, Texas A&M University tuition and fees.

The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation Undergraduate Student Travel Grant

This grant is designed to provide educational opportunities to full-time Texas A&M undergraduate students in amounts up to $750 per student. These funds are awarded directly to the students to support travel to conferences, research projects, studies or internships in the United States or abroad. 

Faculty-Led Wintermester and Augustmester Global Opportunities

Global programs offered in the Wintermester and Augustmester interim sessions of the academic year are popular with students because Texas A&M tuition and fees associated with the coursework taught abroad are rolled into the spring and fall rates respectively.  

Faculty-Led Summer Short-Term Global Opportunities

Traditional short-term global opportunities offered in the summer term assess Texas A&M tuition and fees in addition to the global program fees. The tuition rate is based on the number of credit hours taken and a student’s individual tuition rate. Tuition and fees are billed at the start of the term of the study program. Check the Texas A&M Tuition Calculator for more information.

Semester Exchanges and International Internships

Semester exchanges allow students the opportunity to study abroad for an entire semester while paying Texas A&M tuition and fees and attending classes at one of our Texas A&M partner universities. International airfare, student lodging and other expenses abroad are not included in program pricing and will vary by international destination. Students say that outside of the required tuition, a semester-long global opportunity is often more affordable than taking classes on campus and living in the dormitories or in an apartment in Bryan/College Station. 

International Internships are unpaid summer research opportunities available to most engineering students admitted to a major. Students do not pay for summer tuition and will enroll in a one-credit research class in the fall that is included in the fall flat rate for tuition. International airfare and personal spending abroad are not included in program pricing and will vary by program and destination. Student lodging in several of our summer internship programs is provided at no additional cost to students. Contact the program’s coordinator (found at the bottom of the program page) for more information.

Program Billing Timelines

Students approved for one of our global opportunities will be provided with an estimated program budget and payment timelines as part of the approval and formal confirmation process. All approved students will be given time to review their financial obligations before committing to a program.

All global program fees are billed in the Howdy portal once a student has financially committed to a program. No fees are collected by the Halliburton Engineering Global Programs Office. Program fees are normally due in full the term prior to the start of a program, and any Texas A&M tuition and fees are due during the term of study.

Student Business Services Payment Program

Parents and students can also join the SBS payment plan program to break up program pricing into smaller amounts over a semester.

Scholarship Opportunities University Scholarship

The Scholarships and Financial Aid office offers many study abroad scholarships that are both need- and merit-based. The university-wide Study Abroad Scholarship Application deadline submissions are determined by the program's term of study. Scholarships are posted 10 days prior to the start of the term of study and after all program payments are due. Unless specified, most scholarships are not guaranteed.

Academic Stipends for Global Experiences

If you receive a scholarship such as a Terry, Brockman, President’s Endowed, Challenger, McFadden, Lechner, etc., you may qualify for a study abroad stipend. Please contact your scholarship coordinator for specific information and to see if you are eligible to leverage part of your scholarship toward a global opportunity.

In order to leverage most academic stipends, students must be enrolled full-time for the term in which they are applying. For complete information on funding opportunities, visit the Texas A&M University Education Abroad Program Office for financial resources.

Submit the continuing student application to be considered for college and department scholarships. Feb. 1 is the deadline. Students who completed their applications this year by Feb. 1 will be considered for awards between fall 2020 and summer 2021. As long as students have a continuing student application on file through SFAID they will be considered for awards.

Additional Funding Options

In certain cases, financial aid awards, 529 College Payment plans and Veteran’s Educational benefits can be applied to tuition and fees associated with global opportunities. For information on the number of credit hours needed to keep your financial aid and/or scholarship, visit the faculty-led program requirements page. For the semester exchange credit requirements, visit the semester exchange program requirements page.

Financial Aid for Global Experiences

Federal and state financial aid and some scholarships may often be used toward the cost of Texas A&M study abroad programs. For questions, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (second floor of the Pavilion, or 979-845-3236). 

Other Financial Information to Plan a Global Experience

During the semester, the Education Abroad Office, Scholarships and Financial Aid, and the Texas A&M Money Education Center provide information sessions about funding an international experience. Sessions include information on:

  • The education abroad financial aid process
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Financial considerations for different program types
  • Money-saving tips when traveling abroad

For any additional questions, contact our office at