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Why is study abroad needed? 

Engineers working in research and development, design, production, service and other areas can be located anywhere in the world as required by their business.

This includes:

  • U.S. engineers located abroad.
  • Foreign engineers working for companies in the U.S.
  • Conducting business in international locations with or without traveling to that location.

Today's engineer needs global competency

The National Academy of Engineering states that a core need for engineers is to be able to work with a diverse, multinational, multidisciplinary workforce.

Engineers need to have a global mindset and be prepared for the global job market (Chan and Fishbein, 2009).

Most of the growth potential for United States businesses will come from overseas markets. The rising middle class is changing the dynamics of global commerce in developing markets around the world.

  • 95% of consumers now live outside of the U.S.
  • Besides opportunities, globalization also poses challenges for American companies, as some of its greater competition comes from foreign-owned companies
  • To face and overcome these challenges, future leaders must be prepared to work effectively in our interconnected world

Studying abroad:

  • is required for the International Engineering Certificate.
  • can distinguish you from other candidates when in the job market.
  • can help you graduate faster.
  • ranges from one week to a full year abroad.
  • could cost less than studying in College Station.

To get a better understanding of Texas A&M University College of Engineering's global programs, the opportunities we offer and the experiences of our students, please view the videos below.