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This is the reference page for course information you need to know as an online graduate student. If you do not see the information you need listed below, please contact our staff.

Course listings

Graduate courses are listed in the graduate catalog. Some courses require taking another course first, so you can understand the material better. These prerequisites are listed in the catalog and are subject to change. Always confirm prerequisites with the professor of the course or the course syllabus.


Course availability depends on the semester. Once you are admitted to our program, go to and select the CLASS SEARCH icon.

NOTE:  Section 700 is for online learning students only and Section 600 is for campus students only.

Changing courses

If courses on your degree plan are not being taught during a particular semester, it is okay to change courses as long as you:

  • ask your graduate adviser for suggestions
  • work with your advisor on a petition for course changes in your degree plan

Changes to your degree plan are done online during your final semester through the document system on the Graduate and Professional School website.

Dropping a course

If you are enrolled in a course and need to drop it, visit the HOWDY portal. Follow links for withdrawing.

Course materials 

All course materials are accessible through the course website located within Canvas, beginning on the first day of classes. To see them: 

  • use your NetID and password
  • make sure there are no holds on your account

The course website will contain:

  • a calendar
  • links to the course syllabus
  • access to Chat and Discussion Board(s)

Professors generally post their course syllabus at the beginning of the semester. You may email your professor ahead of time if you have questions about the course.

Course recordings

Courses are recorded at the designated time in the class schedule listed in HOWDY under REGISTRATION/SEARCH CLASS SCHEDULE. Once recorded, they are uploaded within a couple of hours for you to view (once you are officially enrolled and on the first day of classes).

If you want to watch the course being recorded at the designated time, please contact our staff.

Required courses

If you do not have a petroleum engineering degree, your advisor will require you to take the following courses first: PETE 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 667. These courses WILL BE part of your degree plan.

Even students WITH a petroleum engineering degree may be required to take two or three of the following courses: PETE 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 667. This will be determined by your advisor.

Courses in other departments

You can take up to two courses from other departments. These must be approved by your advisor and listed in your degree plan.

Please contact other department online learning programs directly for more information on their courses.