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Interested in an online Master of Engineering degree in petroleum engineering? Here are a few things you need to know about our program.

Basic information on the degree

You need to already have a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering or a closely related field.

You have seven (7) years to complete the degree.

Application process and admission standards are the same as on-campus learning

The GRE is part of our admission requirements, so it is mandatory, but you will only need to submit the verbal and quantitative sections.

We do not accept GMAT.

You will need some equipment

Online classes require good computers, internet connections and cameras.

The online degree is slightly more expensive

While the costs may be more expensive for courses and registration, you won't need to go to the expense of moving anywhere.

Have questions about the degree?

Contact our online learning staff at

Have questions about the graduate application process?

Contact our Graduate Office at or 979-845-2287.

Incomplete applications are not reviewed

Due to the high volume of email and telephone calls, the graduate committee does not review transcripts, resumes, statement of purpose, or other parts of the application prior to submitting your completed application to Texas A&M University.