Image of Roozbeh Jafari

Roozbeh Jafari

Associate Professor

(Embedded systems, wearable computers, signal processing)

Image of Andruid Kerne

Andruid Kerne


(Human-centered computing, HCI, multitouch interaction, sensory interfaces, intelligent user interfaces, gesture recognition, creativity support tools, information visualization. | Serious games, wearable computing, body sensor networks, intelligent sensory devices, ubiquitous computing, social computing, multimedia)

Image of Jyh-Charn Liu 2016

Jyh-Charn (Steve) Liu


(Real-time distributed computing systems, network performance and security, medical informatics)

Image of Rabi Mahapatra

Rabi N. Mahapatra


(Embedded systems, system-on-chip, reconfigurable architectures, real-time systems, cyber infrastructure, semantic networks)

Image of Bobak Mortazavi

Bobak Mortazavi

Joining Department Fall 2017 Assistant Professor

Image of Radu Stoleru

Radu Stoleru

Associate Professor

(Deeply embedded wireless sensor systems, distributed systems, embedded and real-time computing, computer networking)

Jiang Hu

Jiang Hu (Courtesy Appointment)


Courses Offered

CSCE 617. Co-Design of Embedded Systems (CODES). Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Co-design methodologies of hardware-software systems; models of computation (MOC), system specification, co-simulation, synthesis, and verification; hardware-software implementation; core-based systems and interfaces, performance analysis and optimization; system on chip, power aware design.  

Prerequisite: CSCE 462 or equivalent, CSCE 410 and graduate classification.

CSCE 664. Wireless and Mobile Systems. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Wireless and mobile systems; wireless communication fundamentals; wireless medium access control design; transmission scheduling; network and transport protocols over wireless design, simulation and evaluation; wireless capacity; telecommunication systems; vehicular, adhoc, and sensor network systems; wireless security; mobile applications.  

Prerequisite: CSCE 463 or CSCE 464 or approval of instructor.