Image of Nancy Amato

Nancy M. Amato

Unocal Professor, Regents Professor

(Motion planning, computational biology, robotics, computational geometry, animation, CAD, VR, parallel and distributed computing, parallel algorithms, performance modeling, and optimization)

Image of Robin Murphy

Robin Murphy

Raytheon Professor

(Artificial intelligence as applied to emergency informatics, especially tactical land, sea, and air vehicles; human-robot interaction, heterogeneous teams, victim management, and perceptual directed behavior-based control)

Image of Dylan Shell 2016.jpg

Dylan Shell

Associate Professor

(Distributed AI, biologically-inspired multi-robot systems, coordinated system, analysis of multi-agent systems, crowd modeling)

Image of Dezhen Song 2016.jpg

Dezhen Song


(Networked robotics, computer vision, multimedia, autonomous vehicle, optimization, automation)

Courses Offered

CSCE 635. AI Robotics. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours. 1 Lab Hour.

Introduction and survey of artificial intelligence methods for mobile robots (ground, aerial, or marine) for science and engineering majors; theory and practice of unmanned systems, focusing on biological and cognitive principles which differ from control theory formulations.

Prerequisite: CSCE 350/ECEN 350/ECEN 350/CSCE 350.

CSCE 643. Seminar in Intelligent Systems and Robotics. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Problems, methods and recent developments in intelligent systems and robotics. May be taken at multiple times for credit as content varies. 

Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.