Image of Daniel Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez


Image of Eun Jung Kim

Eun Jung Kim

Associate Professor

(Computer architecture, power efficient systems, parallel/distributed systems, computer networks, cluster computing, QoS support in cluster networks and Internet, performance evaluation, and fault-tolerant computing)

Image of Rabi Mahapatra

Rabi N. Mahapatra


(Embedded systems, system-on-chip, reconfigurable architectures, real-time systems, cyber infrastructure, semantic networks)

Image of Paul Gratz

Paul Gratz (Courtesy Appointment)

Associate Professor

Courses Offered

CSCE 614. Computer Architecture. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Reviews of von Neumann architecture and its limitations; parallel computer structures and concurrent computation; pipeline computers and vectorization methods; array processors, multiprocessor architectures and programming; dataflow computers. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 350/ECEN 350/ECEN 350/CSCE 350.

CSCE 654. Supercomputing. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Principles of high-performance scientific computing systems, vectorization, programming on supercomputers, numerical methods for supercomputers, performance measuring of supercomputers, multitasking. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 614.