Computer Architecture

Image of Paul GratzPaul Gratz (Courtesy Appointment)

Associate Professor

Image of Daniel JimenezDaniel Jimenez


Image of Eun Jung KimEun Jung Kim

Associate Professor

(Computer architecture, power efficient systems, parallel/distributed systems, computer networks, cluster computing, QoS support in cluster networks and Internet, performance evaluation, and fault-tolerant computing)

Image of Rabi MahapatraRabi N. Mahapatra


(Embedded systems, system-on-chip, reconfigurable architectures, real-time systems, cyber infrastructure, semantic networks)

Courses Offered

CSCE 614. Computer Architecture. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Reviews of von Neumann architecture and its limitations; parallel computer structures and concurrent computation; pipeline computers and vectorization methods; array processors, multiprocessor architectures and programming; dataflow computers. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 350/ECEN 350/ECEN 350/CSCE 350.

CSCE 654. Supercomputing. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Principles of high-performance scientific computing systems, vectorization, programming on supercomputers, numerical methods for supercomputers, performance measuring of supercomputers, multitasking. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 614.