Image of James Caverlee

James Caverlee

Associate Professor

(Web-scale information management, distributed data-intensive systems, information retrieval, databases, and social computing)

Image of Richard Furuta

Richard Furuta


(Digital libraries, hypertext systems and models, computer-human interaction, electronic publishing)

Image Of Bruce Gooch

Bruce Gooch

Associate Professor

(Non photorealistic rendering, perception and graphics, learning and video games, computational aesthetics)

Image Of Ruihong Huang

Ruihong Huang

Assistant Professor

Image of Andruid Kerne

Andruid Kerne


(Human-centered computing, HCI, multitouch interaction, sensory interfaces, intelligent user interfaces, gesture recognition, creativity support tools, information visualization. | Serious games, wearable computing, body sensor networks, intelligent sensory devices, ubiquitous computing, social computing, multimedia)

Image of Frank Shipman 2016.jpg

Frank Shipman


(Intelligent user interfaces, hypertext, computers and education, multimedia, new media, computers and design, computer-human interaction, computer-supported cooperative work)