Image of Duncan Hank Walker

Duncan M. "Hank" Walker


(Integrated circuit test, defect-based test, delay test, IDDQ test, fault diagnosis, realistic fault modeling, parametric and functional yield prediction)


Jiang Hu (Courtesy Appointment)


Courses Offered

CSCE 617. Co-Design of Embedded Systems (CODES). Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Co-design methodologies of hardware-software systems; models of computation (MOC), system specification, co-simulation, synthesis, and verification; hardware-software implementation; core-based systems and interfaces, performance analysis and optimization; system on chip, power aware design. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 462 or equivalent, CSCE 410 and graduate classification.

CSCE 661. Integrated Systems Design Automation. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

VLSI design systems and their levels of abstracting; algorithms for general VLSI design and implementation; computer aided design tools and principles; physical and logical models. 

Prerequisite: Graduate classification.

CSCE 680/ECEN 680. Testing and Diagnosis of Digital Systems. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

The theory and techniques of testing VLSI-based circuits and systems, and design for testability. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 321 or ECEN 350/CSCE 350 or equivalent; ECEN 220 or ECEN 248 or equivalent.
Cross Listing: ECEN 680/CSCE 680.