Image of Guofei Gu 2016.jpg

Guofei Gu

Associate Professor

(Network security, system security, intrusion detection, malware detection, analysis, and defense)

Image of Anxiao Jiang

Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang

Associate Professor

(Information theory, coding for flash memories, wireless and sensor networks, algorithms)

Image of Dmitri Loguinov

Dmitri Loguinov


(Peer-to-peer networks, congestion control, Internet measurements, high-performance web crawling, massive-scale information retrieval, topology modeling, and stochastic analysis of networks)

Image of Radu Stoleru

Radu Stoleru

Associate Professor

(Deeply embedded wireless sensor systems, distributed systems, embedded and real-time computing, computer networking)

Image of Nicholas Duffield

Nick Duffield (Courtesy Appointment)


Courses Offered

CSCE 612. Applied Networks and Distributed Processing Co-Design of Embedded Systems (CODES). Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Fundamentals, including network design and protocol analysis, in the context of computer communications; mixes fundamentals with both programming and pragmatic views of engineering issues; it includes network architecture as well as principles of network engineering; focus is on applying principles of layered architecture to analyzing real networks; lab exercises focus on protocol understanding and programming; knowledge of UNIX and C programming helpful, but not required. No credit will be given for both CSCE 463 and CSCE 612 

Prerequisite: Graduate classification.

CSCE 619. Networks and Distributed Computing. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Computer network concepts including network architecture, layering, protocols, packet switching and virtual circuits; performance evaluation and design considerations for local area networks; packet distributed networks; satellite networks.  

Prerequisite: CSCE 463 or CSCE 612.