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Prospective online Master of Engineering students

Our online Master of Engineering degree uses the same application process as our department's on-campus Master of Science degree. More information on that application, the deadlines and the requirements can be found on our How to Apply to the Graduate Program page.

While the application is the same, there are differences in the degrees.

The online Master of Engineering degree follows a non-thesis route. This means:

  • residency is not required
  • lab work is not required
  • more classes might be required, depending on your degree plan
  • it is geared toward adults who work full time

During the final semester, a professional written report and presentation are required. This is usually a non-published report.

The on-campus Master of Science degree is thesis-based. This means:

  • it requires residency
  • it is thesis-based on a large-scale research project, which may be performed in labs or out-in-field
  • it requires more research hours

For more information on the campus graduate program, email
If you have questions about our online learning program, email or call 979.845.9385.

NOTE: We do NOT offer an online bachelor's degree, master of science degree, or Ph.D.

Returning online Master of Engineering students

If you dropped out of the program and want to return to finish your degree, here are some things to consider:

  1. You have seven years to complete your degree, starting from the first time you registered in the online learning program. After seven years, courses begin to drop off your degree plan and you may have to retake them at your expense.
  2. You will apply following the same instructions found on our How to Apply to the Graduate Program page.
  3. The committee will review your application and courses taken so far.
  4. You must have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above, with no D or F grades.
  5. Transcripts of any courses taken at another institution during your lapse from Texas A&M are required.
  6. Returning students are not guaranteed admission.