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Dr. Akhilesh Gaharwar and his graduate student Patrick Lee are developing a new class of hydrogels that can leverage light in a multitude of ways, including drug delivery and regenerative medicine treatments.

A team of mechanical engineering students won $10,000 for their creation, the AutoTool. The AutoTool is an automated tool storage robot designed to navigate construction sites and identify tools to help increase the productivity of construction workers.

Instead of converting solar light into electrical power for immediate use, Dr. Christi Madsen envisions remoting light energy to another location optically by concentrating solar light and using waveguides.

Dr. Satish Bukkapatnam has been awarded the George L. Smith International Award for excellence in the promotion of industrial engineering, an award presented to an individual who has made significant contributions in industrial engineering and exemplifies a “goodwill ambassador” for the profession.

Currently, there are limited tools available to monitor a patient’s psychiatric health between hospital visits. Researchers at Texas A&M University have designed a smart device-based electronic platform that can help patients and their health care providers improve mental health management between visits.

Newly elected ADVANCE fellow Dr. Berna Hascakir will direct a diversity and development program encouraging female doctoral engineering students to gain international experience by fulfilling part of their degree requirements on the Texas A&M University at Qatar campus.

Computer science and engineering faculty members Dr. James Caverlee and Dr. Dezhen Song were chosen by the Amazon Research Awards program to receive financial support for their individual research project proposals.

Civil engineering junior Tessa Miller was named the 2021 Gathright Outstanding Junior in the College of Engineering for her community engagement, accomplishments and academic record.

Machine learning and data science analysis developed by Texas A&M University researchers can quantify how much upgrades to wind technology will boost power production.

Drs. Chandler Benjamin and Alan Freed recently published their research in the journal Physics of Fluid, detailing a new approach to measuring soft materials that were previously unable to be characterized.

Nuclear engineering former student Dr. James Peery has been named a 2020 -21 outstanding alumni by the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University for his significant contributions and leadership in technological development, policies and strategies essential to national security.

Dr. Limei Tian and her team are developing a novel way to diagnose COVID-19 through a mask using adapted biosensor research designed for other disease diagnoses.

The Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees has chosen Nathaniel Lies ’21, a recent graduate from the first cohort of undergraduates in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and three additional students as recipients of its Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award for 2021.

Dr. Farzan Sasangohar will serve as editor-in-chief for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s new journal, Human Factors in Healthcare. The journal will begin publication in June.

Dr. Tanmay Lele and his interdisciplinary team are applying evolutionary biology to engineering to better understand how the mechanical properties of cells in the body operate and how pathologies such as cancer can disrupt these processes.

Dr. Shikha Prasad and Dr. Craig Marianno in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University received funding for their research on nuclear security and nonproliferation.

Researchers from the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University have developed a coupled computational fluid dynamic-discrete element method model to better predict the physical phenomenon inside of very-high-temperature pebble bed reactors. It’s the first of its kind.

Dr. John Hurtado has been named interim vice chancellor and dean of the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and interim agency director of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

Dr. R. Stanley Williams is ranked in the top tier of scientists in the world in the field of computer science and electronics scientists from the Guide2Research 2021 Top Scientists Ranking.

Julia Reed, a junior in the Department of Ocean Engineering and a fifth-generation Aggie, shares her love and knowledge of Texas A&M University with first-generation students through her role as a peer mentor in First-Generation Engineering Students Mentoring Program.

A team of students took first place in the 2021 GeoPrediction competition and won the prestigious Mohr’s Circle Award for their geotechnical engineering expertise.

The Engineering Law program allows students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary engineering and a Juris Doctor degree in six years. Connor Roddy is the first student from the program to be accepted into the Texas A&M University School of Law.

Amy Suhl has established the Amy L. Suhl ’86 Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Phone use while driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents. Researchers at Texas A&M University are studying distracted driving from a new perspective, taking into account the geometrics of rural and urban roads.

Using an advanced microscopy technique called slice-and-view scanning electron microscopy tomography, researchers have uncovered a twin boundary defect in a soft polymer that has never been observed before.

Scott Salys has more than 20 years of industry experience and has expertise in research and development, operations, supply chain, program management, process development and more. He shares how he became involved in biomedical engineering and how staying open to opportunities developed his career path.

Oscar Lopez, professor of practice at Texas A&M University’s Higher Education Center at McAllen, weighs in on the benefits of studying engineering in the Rio Grande Valley.

A research team from the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering has developed a framework incorporating the use of carbon dioxide capture processes and renewable energy sources at power plants, increasing the efficiency of both.

Dr. David Senor ’88, ’89, ’92, distinguished former student and member of the advisory council of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University, was recently appointed an adjunct professor.

James W. “Bud” Porter, Jr. ’51 has established the J. Walter “Deak” Porter ’22 and James W. “Bud” Porter ‘51 Chair in Civil Engineering to support the teaching, research, service and professional development activities of the holder in the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that Dr. Cynthia Mendoza ’83, former student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, will assume the position of deputy chief information officer for special access program information technology.

David Kellam has established the David F. Kellam '70 Civil Engineering Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Former Texas A&M University graduate student, Courtney Kunselman ’20 has been named a Conference of Southern Graduate Schools’ 2021 outstanding master’s thesis award winner in the mathematics, physical sciences and engineering category.

Four faculty and one staff member from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University were recognized for outstanding achievements and excellence at the virtual College of Engineering’s 2021 faculty and staff awards ceremony.

Dr. Ian McCue, a former post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, has accepted a tenure-track faculty position at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

At the Mad Hacks: Fury Code hackathon, teams were given the task of developing cybersecurity tools for the Department of Defense. Two students from Texas A&M University were part of a team recognized as finalists for their innovative solution to prevent autonomous military vehicles from cyberattacks.

Dana A. '21 and Kevin B. Friar '88 have established the Dr. F. Barry Lawrence Professor of Practice Endowment in Industrial Distribution to support the teaching, research, service and professional development activities of the holder.

Camille Camarata '19 has established the Class of '19 PETE Ladies' Scholarship — Honoring Women in Petroleum Engineering to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University. Classmates Taylor Butler '19, Tracy Ike '19, Carrie Sistrunk '19 and Phoebe Ho-Stone '19 also contributed to this endowment.

In April, Texas A&M University hosted the Association for Computer Machinery’s 26th annual Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces. Dr. Tracy Hammond served as general chair of the conference.

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering honored eight alumni during the 2021 Outstanding Alumni Awards Banquet.

Four aerospace engineering students at Texas A&M University have been awarded 2021 Vertical Flight Foundation scholarships, winning in all categories.

Doctoral student Xiaoyu “Sky” Guo is using a basic traffic diagram to detect shifts between traffic states to estimate the flow-density relationship at a signalized intersection, and emerging connected vehicle technologies could benefit traffic flow modeling and the development of traffic management strategies.

Dr. Peter Rentzepis developed an extension to an ordinary cellphone that turns it into an instrument capable of detecting chemicals, drugs, biological molecules and pathogens.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers from Texas A&M University has developed a new metal-free battery platform that could lead to more sustainable, recyclable batteries that minimize dependence on strategic metals.

Stephen M. Johnson '73 has established several planned endowments benefitting the Wm Michael Barnes '64 Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering to support students and instructors at Texas A&M University.

Researchers in the computer science and engineering department at Texas A&M University have developed a novel approach that generalizes the process to synthesize novel views of a scene based on a single 2D image.

A team of researchers at Texas A&M University is analyzing how a network of localized nodes can implement machine-learning applications, such as object recognition, in a distributed fashion.

Jaskirat Batra has established a unique style of teaching that might revolutionize how engineering courses are taught in classrooms by using virtual reality as an effective way to teach concepts that need to be visualized in 3D.

Former student Alexander Maslowski is committed to helping those with cancer in unconventional ways. As a senior manager at Varian Medical Systems, his job allows him to travel the world as he develops tools and researches algorithms to aid in this cause.

A team of students from the Texas A&M University College of Engineering recently placed second at the MITRE Corporation's 2021 Embedded Capture the Flag competition, a two-phase competition that takes students through the experience of creating a secure system and then learning from their mistakes.

Texas A&M University former student Dr. Anuradha Godavarty has been named a National Academy of Inventors senior member for her research and innovations in optical imaging technologies.