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Dr. M. Katherine Banks has been named president of Texas A&M University. As dean, Banks has overseen unprecedented growth in the College of Engineering while also being a pivotal leader in some of The Texas A&M University System’s most ambitious and successful accomplishments.

Texas A&M University’s engineering graduate program was ranked as the top engineering program in Texas in the latest U.S. News & World Report survey. Seven departments in the College of Engineering were also ranked in the top 10 public universities.

Petroleum engineering graduate student Aditya Chakravarty uses blind machine-learning techniques to interpret passive sounds from fractured rock so he can catalog and map the subsurface channels needed for geothermal energy.

Dr. Chao Ma has been selected to receive the 2021 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. This award is given to engineers age 35 or younger who have made exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the manufacturing industry.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, faculty and staff from the Texas A&M University College of Engineering worked to acquire the necessary equipment to ensure that students were able to seamlessly continue their education through remote teaching.

Researchers at Texas A&M University have enhanced the property of polyimide materials for dehumidification. This enhanced polymer will help develop the next generation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies that are energy efficient with a smaller carbon footprint.

Nancy and Bob DeHart have established the Nancy and Bob DeHart, II '75 ISEN Endowed Scholarship to support full-time students in good standing pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Madison “MJ” Saunders earned prestigious scholarships from both the Posse Foundation and the Zachry Leadership Program. Through these programs, she has found her confidence and has been able to grow as a person, which she believes every woman in engineering should be able to do.

Five from the Texas A&M University College of Engineering were among 24 outstanding members of the university’s faculty and staff to be honored with 2021 Distinguished Achievement Awards.

Ashley Mullen, ocean engineering graduate student and recipient of the 2021 Engineering Graduate Merit Doctoral Fellowship, shares a little about her experience as an Aggie engineering student.

The Engineering Genesis Award for multidisciplinary research was presented to 26 Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station researchers and their teams during a virtual ceremony on Dec. 15. The award is presented to researchers who have secured significant research grants of $1 million or more.

Sophomore chemical engineering student, Ally Moore, had a start at Texas A&M University that was unlike her peers. Her experience starting out at a Chevron Engineering Academy has emboldened her perspective as an Aggie engineer and allowed her to embrace her diversity.

Jeanette and Bill Robbins have established the Jeanette and Bill Robbins '70 Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Three years ago, a team from NASA worked on the design of the life raft at a Texas A&M University facility that would have protected astronauts in the event of an emergency in the Gulf of Mexico. The crew of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon carried that raft into orbit in 2020.

Al Leo ’83 has established the Al Leo '83 ESET Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in electronic systems engineering technology in the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University.

Nuclear engineering senior Kaya Mariello interned at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in the radiation safety department, gaining first-hand experience on how nuclear engineering applies to an academic and medical realm.

Nine teams representing Texas A&M University recently participated in the International Collegiate Programming Contest’s South Central USA regional competition. Two of the teams qualified to advance to the divisional round.

Dr. Vladislav Yakovlev is part of an interdisciplinary research team working to test whether electrical and optical pulses can help cells better absorb materials, such as vaccines.

Electrical engineering junior Andrew Bainbridge was named the 2021-22 deputy corps commander for the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. This is one of three most senior leadership positions in the program.

Dr. Iman Borazjani has been named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, an honor conferred upon worthy candidates to recognize their outstanding engineering achievements.

Betsy and Mike Carrell have established the Betsy '77 and Mike Carrell '75 Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

A new metric designed by researchers at Texas A&M University can calculate and forecast the average price of the energy in the United States. This metric will allow lawmakers and government agencies to evaluate the impact of tax policies on consumer energy prices.

Former nuclear engineering student Alex Rubin offers us a glimpse into what a career in the United States Navy is like, what he has learned and his future endeavors.

Researchers from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Los Alamos National Laboratory Materials Science at Radiation and Dynamics Group are investigating hydrogen retention in metals that are exposed to nuclear processes, with the intent of improving how these materials perform over time.

Knowing an in-person conference would not be possible due to the pandemic, the Spark! team created a virtual experience and reached 416 first-time attendees, including educators from 44 U.S. states and 13 countries.

Developing new and improved ways to treat vascular diseases can prove challenging as current models are not always accurate. Dr. Abhishek Jain and his team are using an organ-on-a-chip to design a more personalized approach to addressing this illness.

Texas A&M University researchers are using machine-learning technologies to create a framework capable of optimizing the process of designing targeted materials. Their framework uses multiple information sources to develop materials more efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Kinsey Skillen joins the structural engineering group of the department. His research and teaching focuses on large-scale testing of structures. He plans to be involved in testing new high-performance materials that will result in stronger and more reliable structures.

Dr. George M. Pharr has been recognized by the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society with the 2021 William D. Nix Award. He was presented with the award at the society’s annual meeting this month and presented a lecture on his research.

Dr. Dominique Lord just released a first edition textbook that amassed more than 40 years of research in highway safety into a single document to help shape policy and provide decision-makers with tools and models.

Combining the strengths of Texas A&M University undergraduate students, NASA and industry, the public-private-academic capstone model is an innovative way to solve real-world problems. See how this model is being used right now with three exciting NASA projects.

Two engineering seniors were part of a team that won the Lockheed Martin Ethics in Engineering Case Competition, during which each team was tasked with evaluating how to ethically proceed with a manned test flight of a hypersonic commercial aircraft.

Joe R. Fowler ’68, a Texas A&M University College of Engineering graduate, will be awarded the OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for his leadership, entrepreneurship and contributions to higher education at the Offshore Technology Conference.

A group of doctors from Houston Methodist and researchers from Texas A&M University identified a novel approach of adapting a virtual intensive care unit to make family visitations possible with loved ones who have COVID-19.

Recent graduate Lauren Williams was recently hired as a nuclear fuel analysis engineer for General Electric. She reflects on high-impact experiences from her time at Texas A&M University and how they prepared her for success.

Dr. Matthew Yarnold was chosen for the 2021 Robert J. Dexter Memorial Award Lecture and will present on his past and current research during the next meeting of the Steel Bridge Task Force, comprised of the leading steel bridge experts.

Dr. Emily Pentzer has received a 2021 Rising Star Award by the American Chemical Society’s Women Chemists Committee. She received the honor for contributions to the field of polymer and materials science, for educating students and for service to the scientific community.

Doctoral student Reza Oftadeh was part of a team of researchers that has developed a new algorithm that can find and extract the most salient features of a large set of data using machine-learning tools.

Katharine and Blaine Larson have established the Katharine '10 and Blaine Larson ’09 Family Scholarship to support first-generation students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Researchers from the Department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University are investigating the resilience of barrier islands and coastal dunes after high-water events and storms. Their work is providing engineers and researchers a better ability to assess the vulnerability of coastal landscapes.

Dr. Siddharth Misra and Dr. Hadi Nasrabadi received monetary support for interdisciplinary projects from the Texas A&M University Triads for Transformation program. The funding allows them to acquire equipment, gather the data needed to prove their concepts and attract investors for more intensive research.

A 2021 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program grant was awarded to a team led by Texas A&M researcher and NASA NIAC Fellow Dr. Sarbajit Banerjee. He has developed a technique that might help build habitable structures on the moon and Mars.

A team from Texas A&M University will create a racecar without a driver to compete at the Indy Autonomous Challenge. The first of its kind, each racecar will be programmed to maneuver the track, other competitors and obstacles in pursuit of $1.5 million in rewards.

Dr. M. Katherine Banks has been named sole finalist for the position of president of Texas A&M University. She is currently vice chancellor of engineering and national laboratories and dean of the Texas A&M College of Engineering.

Dr. Vinayak Krishnamurthy is a 2021 recipient of the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development award, which will support his research into developing a new, artificial intelligence-aided approach to geometric modeling with wide-ranging applications.

Two industrial and systems engineering faculty members have now held the editor-in-chief position for the IISE Transactions Journal, the flagship journal of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.

Dr. Natarajan Gautam has received a 2020-21 Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaborative Program Award for his research in managing microgrids with uncertain renewable sources.

The Department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University has established a new one-year, nonthesis Master of Science degree program in Galveston. Learn more about the program from two current students.

Dr. Saurabh Biswas and Dr. Roozbeh Jafari have been named 2021 senior members of the National Academy of Inventors. Senior members have success in patents, licensing and commercialization. They have produced technologies that bring real impact on the welfare of society.