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Aerospace engineering doctoral student Samalis Santini De León has spent the last four years applying her research to her role on NASA’s entry, descent and landing team. Her work contributed to the Perseverance rover’s successful landing on Mars.

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and Lockheed Martin Corporation signed a master research agreement to further cement their longstanding research collaboration. The agreement will facilitate collaborations across disciplines, including hypersonics, advanced networks, autonomy, and cyber and directed energy.

Dr. Jeyavijayan “JV” Rajendran is partnering with Intel Corporation for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Structured Array Hardware for Automatically Realized Applications project which enables the design of custom chips that include advanced security countermeasure technologies for widespread applications.

Outstanding faculty members from the Texas A&M University College of Engineering received one of the highest honors in academia at the investiture ceremony held during a virtual event on April 27.

Sara Amani recently received the Women's Progress Award as part of the Accountability, Climate and Equity Awards. She earned this honor for her extensive and impactful efforts to empower women on the Texas A&M University at Qatar campus.

Hannah Lehman has been selected for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Intelligent Systems Technical Committee for her technical experience in intelligent system technologies and involvement as a member of the institute’s software technical committee.

Dr. Thomas Ferris is working with The Crew Optimization and Augmentation Technologies program, a project under the U.S. Army Futures Command, to integrate automation that will support human crew members in future combat ground vehicle systems.

Dr. Yupeng Zhang and his team have developed efficient cryptographic protocols that can be applied to the domain of machine learning so companies can prove that their model can achieve high accuracy on public datasets.

Jana and Kenric Marshall ’83 have established the Marshall Endowed Engineering Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Mohammad Naraghi and a team of researchers will receive funding from the U.S. Army Research Office to explore the mechanics of multidimensional hybrid nanomaterials for protective armor applications.

Predator-prey food webs are known for their effective resource utilization and minimal waste production. Research by Dr. Astrid Layton now shows that eco-industrial parks inspired by the architecture of food webs are economically beneficial, resilient and environmentally friendly.

A team of students, including two computer engineering doctoral students, was awarded first place in the 2021 Texas A&M Institute of Data Science Data Science Competition out of 44 teams involving more than 100 students.

Junior Noah Ferguson and sophomore Kipp Knecht are two of the incoming 2021-22 yell leaders chosen by the Texas A&M University student body. They are both pursuing degrees in industrial and systems engineering.

The 2021 Professor Abraham Clearfield Materials Science Scholarship has been presented to five incoming and current undergraduate students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering’s Summer Enrichment Experience provides students additional opportunities for interactions with industry to assist with career exploration and networking. The program is gearing up for a hybrid model of in-person and virtual opportunities this summer.

Dr. Arum Han and his collaborators designed an experimental system to show that exposure of the coronavirus to a very high temperature, even if applied less than a second, can be sufficient to neutralize the virus so that it can no longer infect another human host.

Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a web-based, real-time open and collaborative platform to improve decision-making by generating research on potential impacts – social, economic and environmental – on supply chains due to COVID-19.

New research by Texas A&M University chemical engineers paves the way to the future design of metal-free aqueous batteries, which reduces the strain on using metal elements and the flammable nature of standard batteries.

Researchers at Texas A&M University and Los Alamos National Laboratory are modeling the breakdown of nuclear fuel to improve reactor safety efficiency as part of The Texas A&M University System National Laboratories Office Collaborative Research Program with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Mikayla Florez ’17 reflects back on her experience in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University and shares insight into her experience as a system design engineer at Holtec International.

The recipients of the Texas A&M University College of Engineering’s 2021 Faculty and Staff Awards and other recent awardees were recently recognized during a virtual celebration April 12.

Janene and David Adams have established the Janene and David Adams '90 Mechanical Engineering Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

The Wm Michael Barnes ’64 Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University received gifts for its 80th anniversary with the goal of increasing funds for undergraduate student scholarships.

The Department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University hosted its first virtual industry panel in which six former students discussed how industry is adapting to a rapidly evolving world and the rise of the blue economy, both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four electrical engineering doctoral students placed first in the 2021 Association for Computing Machinery International Symposium on Physical Design Wafer-Scale Physics Modeling Contest.

Dr. Sivakumar Rathinam was named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for outstanding engineering achievements. A very prestigious title, he is one of 3,427 fellows out of 74,788 members.

Student-run organization TAMUhack recently held its seventh annual hackathon where participants were challenged to use their coding and engineering skills to develop a creative solution for various real-world challenges facing industry.

Dr. Andrew Robbins is helping students become “physicianeers” through his work for Engineering Medicine. Students in Engineering Medicine receive research-based training in how to diagnose medical problems and develop solutions through technology.

In a new study, researchers at Texas A&M University show that factors like age, body mass index and time of day play a role in developing neck pain that might be caused due to improper head/neck postures.

Patricia “Itzel” Rodriguez has received the Alan C. McClure Graduate Scholarship from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. She plans to pursue her doctoral degree in naval architecture at Texas A&M University.

Jeanne Prestwood was named a 2021 Sustainability Champion, which recognizes and rewards one student, one faculty member and one staff member each year who have demonstrated exemplary effort, dedication and leadership throughout the year within their department.

Jaime Andres and Yolanda Veals were selected to receive the 2021 President’s Meritorious Service Award. Recipients of this highly prestigious award have demonstrated their commitment to the Aggie core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service.

The Texas A&M Foundation has selected Dr. Walter Haisler Jr. ’67 as a recipient of its 2020 Partner in Philanthropy Award. Haisler received the award for his lifelong devotion to Texas A&M University and the Department of Aerospace Engineering at a virtual presentation on April 12.

Nuclear engineering student Valentina Alarcon discusses her time in the Zachry Leadership Program, a five-semester long program that stresses the importance of business, leadership and service, and what it means to be a holistic leader.

A new computational framework can predict the behavior of materials known as MAX phases at high temperatures in a fraction of the time compared to other algorithms. These virtually designed materials can then be used to construct heat and corrosion-resistant turbines for jet engines.

Students at Texas A&M University are bringing vintage into the future by transforming a 1950s antique carnival rocket car into a virtual reality flight simulator for STEM outreach to introduce young minds to the excitement of engineering.

Linda and Joe Fowler have established the Linda and Joe R. Fowler '68 Engineering Scholarship to support students in good standing pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

The application process is now open for the 2021 Washington Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation. This unique opportunity to meet with legislators and policymakers on Capitol Hill is available to students of all majors.

Dr. Tim Davis and Dr. Roozbeh Jafari were recently named recipients of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station's Research Impact Award. The award recognizes research that has had an impact leading to outcomes that extend beyond conventional boundaries.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the Ever Given vessel blocking the Suez Canal in Egypt, disruptions in global supply chains can impact daily life. Dr. Eleftherios Iakovou breaks down supply chains and paves a way for a more resilient future for this important process.

Dr. Samuel Mabbott and his team are developing novel tests to diagnose preeclampsia earlier in a pregnancy, even before symptoms occur, allowing hospitals to better treat pregnant patients.

Dr. Chanan Singh and doctoral student Arun Karngala are working to develop a reliability framework for the power distribution system so that utility companies can be better prepared for uncertainties that may arise.

Kelsey Kitzmiller has been awarded the prestigious and highly competitive Engineering Graduate Merit Doctoral Fellowship, which is offered to domestic doctoral students by the Texas A&M University College of Engineering.

The subsea engineering program is connecting international students like Adenike Ogunbode to Texas A&M. Seeking a graduate degree, she enjoys the opportunities and exposure she is receiving through the program.

Shaheen Dewji serves on the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board within the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, where she will provide expertise as applied to the safe and secure use of nuclear materials.