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A black and white portrait of J. Walter Porter.
James W. "Bud" Porter established a gift in honor of his father, J. Walter “Deak” Porter ’22, former civil engineering student. | Image: Courtesy of James W. "Bud" Porter
James W. “Bud” Porter, Jr. ’51 has established the J. Walter “Deak” Porter ’22 and James W. “Bud” Porter ’51 Chair in Civil Engineering. Distributions from this endowment will be used to support the teaching, research, service and professional development activities of the holder in the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Bud graduated from Texas A&M in 1951 with his degree in civil engineering. His father, Deak, was also a graduate of Texas A&M, class of 1922. Bud said it was his father, along with four of his uncles who also attended Texas A&M, who indoctrinated Bud into the Aggie way of life. “I was able to attend football games with my dad, see the Aggie band and know that I wanted to attend Texas A&M,” he said.
 James W. “Bud” Porter, Jr. headshot in front of a blank wall.
James W. “Bud” Porter, Jr. | Image: Courtesy of James W. “Bud” Porter, Jr.
Deak was a co-founder of the Gifford-Hill pipe company and Bud always knew that he wanted to go into the concrete pipe business with his father. “Civil Engineering made the most sense for what I wanted to do and I knew how much it had benefited my father,” he said. After graduation, Bud followed in his father's footsteps and joined Gifford-Hill. “Texas A&M prepared both myself and my father for this business and it turned out to be a financially and personally rewarding activity that I credit to A&M,” he said.
This endowment was initially established as a planned gift, however, seeing the current need, Bud and his wife Patsy decided to fully fund the endowment now. “The Texas A&M civil engineering department is outstanding and we hope to increase the current prestige and contribute to the future prestidge of the department and very qualified professors,” he said.
During his time at Texas A&M, Bud was a member of the Corps of Cadets- Ross Volunteers and Tau Beta Pi. He is an Emeritus Member of the Civil Engineering Advisory Council, a past member of the Agricultural Development Council, served as an Association Class Agent from 2006-2011 and was honored as a Distinguished Graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering in 2008.

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