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The process to submit forms to the Graduate and Professional School at Texas A&M University has now changed to the Academic Requirements Completion System (ARCS). This is an electronic system located in Howdy.

In ARCS you will be able to submit the following forms:

  • Request for Preliminary Exam (PhD Only)
  • Upload your Proposal and submit your Proposal Approval Page (PhD and MS-Thesis Only)
  • Request for Final exam (PhD and MS-Thesis Only)
  • Upload the AAUDE and SED surveys
  • Submit your Copyright and Availability Form (PhD and MS-Thesis Only)
  • Submit your Written Thesis Approval Page (MS-Thesis Only)
  • Submit your Written Dissertation Approval Page (PhD Only)

Other forms will be added as the system is completed. Information on submitting the forms can be found using the Student Guide. This link will be updated as more information becomes available.

For information on deadlines and requitements please consult the links below. Please note the deadlines and requirements are hard set by Graduate and Professional School.

How to Submit Other Forms Currently Not Listed in ARCS

Graduate Student Graduation Cancellation Form:

The Graduate Student Graduation Cancellation Form is not found on DocuSign. It is a paper form that has to be signed by you, your committee chair, and the graduate advising office. The graduation cancellation form is completed when a student wishes to cancel their application for graduation. When this form has been processed, the graduation application will be removed from your Howdy account.

You will not receive a refund for your graduation application. The next semester you wish to graduate, you will need to submit a new graduation application and pay a new application fee. This request is submit to the Graduate and Professional School approval. The request can be denied.

Steps to submit form:

  • You will need to initiate the request by sending the completed form to the advising office as a PDF attachment in an email to
  • The advising office will sign for the department head and submit the request to the Graduate and Professional School.
  • The Graduate and Professional School will then send an email with approval or denial of the request.

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver:

This form is only submitted by the department that has offered you a GAR/GANT/GAT position. This form is not submitted by you or your current academic department (unless they are providing the employment position).

Please do not contact the graduate advising office requesting information on how you can submit the waiver. Instead, you will want to contact the department that has offered you employment. After the employing department has submitted the request in DocuSign, the advising office will receive an email to sign the form. We will not sign the form unless it has been submitted and signed by the employing department.

For more information on the Non-Resident Tuition Waiver form, visit the Graduate and Professional School's webpage.

Request a Letter of Completion:

The Request a Letter of Completion Form is not found on DocuSign. It is a paper form that has to be signed by you and does not require any signature or approval from the graduate advising office. The Letter of Completion, which states that requirements for the degree have been fulfilled, can only be provided once all degree requirements have been met.

Degree conferral occurs only at the end of each fall, spring and summer semester. This letter cannot be issued once the degree has been conferred. For any questions about the Letter of Completion, you will need to contact the Graduate and Professional School. For any questions on how it will affect your visa, you will need to contact the International Student Services office.