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Force requests for undergraduate computer science and engineering (CSCE) classes (numbered 100-499 excluding 291, 485 and 491): The force request system for the summer and fall 2024 semesters will open on April 22, 2024 and will close on May 26, 2024. It will reopen again from August 5, 2024 through August 12, 2024. Login to the undergraduate force request system. If you have any problems with these force requests, please email the undergraduate advising office. Force requests will not be accepted outside the force request system.

Undergraduates seeking to take independent study or graduate classes should not use the force request system; see the undergraduate program page for correct instructions.

Undergraduate research and directed studies courses (CSCE 291, 485 and 491) are requested through the instructions provided on the CSE Canvas website available to CSE students.

Force requests for graduate CSCE classes (numbered 600 and above): Login to the graduate force request system. Problems with these force requests should be addressed to a graduate advisor in the department. Should a graduate student wish to submit a force request for an undergraduate course, they will need to submit a force request using the undergraduate force request link. The graduate force request system for the Summer semester will open on April 15, 2024, and close on May 13, 2024. The graduate force request system for the Fall semester will open on April 15, 2024, and close on August 5, 2024.

Force requests for other departments' courses are handled by the teaching department. We have information on some of their procedures:

  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECEN): Course waitlist instructions have not yet been announced. For ECEN prerequisite requests, contact the department. For ECEN prerequisite requests for graduate students, send an email to Brad Baumann. Email must include student name, UIN, major, ECEN course request, semester requested, prerequisite course taken and grade earned, and the institution where prerequisite course was completed. If the course is in progress or not on your transcript, provide proof — for example, a screenshot of your registration page at the other institution.
  • Department of Mathematics (MATH): Force requests and prerequisite override requests for MATH courses can be made on the  Texas A&M Mathematics website.
  • ENGR 482: Students seeking to register for ENGR 482 should also check for seats in PHIL 482 since the two courses are cross-listed and provide the same credit.
  • The Department of English (ENGL) indicates that they will not be accepting force requests for ENGL 104 or ENGL 210 beginning with fall 2015. They also indicate that they will not waive the U1/U2 restriction for ENGL 104.
  • Cybersecurity minor courses (especially TCMG 308): See the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center's website, and then follow links for undergraduate education. There is a form at the bottom of this page that allows you to request prerequisite overrides.
  • College of Geosciences (GEOG, GEOL, GEOP, ATMO, GEOS, OCNG) force requests are listed on the webpage.
  • Renewable natural resources (RENR): RENR 205/215 force requests are listed on the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management website.
  • Physics (PHYS) indicates that they will not be able to force students into PHYS 218 and PHYS 208 as each section will be set to the physical room limit. They also request that if you need prerequisite overrides that you route them through our office.
  • College of Architecture  force requests are entered on the program's website (this includes the visualization department).
  • Kinesiology (KINE) students wanting to get forced into KINE 120, KINE 223, KINE 198 or KINE 199 will need to contact the department that is in charge of these courses, the Physical Education Activity Program office, at 979-845-5924.
  • Chemistry (CHEM): Registration for CHEM 119, 120 and 107/117 requires accepting the Lab Safety Acknowledgement. The lectures and laboratories for CHEM 107/117 are corequisites, which means that both have to be registered for at the same time (type both CRNs in before clicking submit). Seats are added throughout preregistration, usually at the beginning of the registration times.