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Three female first generation students smile

If neither of your parents have earned a four-year degree, you are a first-generation student. The Texas A&M University College of Engineering is home to more than 20% first-generation undergraduate students.

While the college and university offer numerous academic success and mentoring program to its students at all levels, the First Generation Engineering (FGEn) Students Mentoring Program is dedicated to first-generation engineering students only.

Goal of FGEn Mentoring Program

The primary goal of the FGEn Mentoring Program is to enhance Texas A&M first-generation engineering students’ educational and social experiences on campus. It is about leveraging university and community resources to provide a sense of community to FGEn students, and help them with their personal and professional goals.

Are you a First-Generation Aggie Engineering Student?

We have a group of world-renowned, highly qualified faculty and staff who are passionate about student advising and enhancing our social capital. Many of them are first-generation engineers themselves. Click on the button below to learn more about how you can benefit from and participate in the FGEn mentoring program.

Students: Learn more about the program

Become a Mentor

Any Texas A&M engineering faculty and staff can participate in the FGEn Mentor Program. Mentors will be recognized with the special designation, “FGEn Mentor.” 

Faculty and staff: Become a mentor

Become a Peer Mentor

Junior and senior engineering students are encouraged to apply to become peer mentors in the FGEn mentor program. Students receive mentor training, gain leadership skills and earn a stipend. 

Students: Become a peer mentor

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