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Mentoring Engagement Strategies and Expectations

The structure and level of engagement activities can vary from student to student depending upon their need. When choosing an engagement strategy, mentors are encouraged to consider the following:

  • Emphasis on longitudinal advising to build a personal bond between the mentor and mentee.
  • Meetings should be held on the university campus, although the meeting setting can be both formal and informal.
  • Meeting frequency: higher frequency (such as weekly meetings) may be necessary in the beginning, but those can be adjusted over time depending upon the need .
  • Track the progress and identify the touch points of students in the program to ensure their success.

Mentor Eligibility and Requirements

  • Have at least five years of professional work experience beyond your undergraduate degree.
  • Commit to fulfilling program responsibilities, including your willingness to mentor 1-2 undergraduate students per academic year; and interacting with student(s) according to the requirements of the individual college or unit mentoring programs.
  • Commit to being accessible and engaged for the duration of the mentoring relationship(s).
  • Be willing to share your personal and professional experience, insights and networking contacts with your mentee(s).
  • Attend kick-off and end-of-year celebration events that gather students and mentors together.
  • Be a good listener, have a sense of humor and enjoy your mentoring experience.

Benefits to Mentor

  • Will have a designation of “FGEn Mentor.”
  • It is an important service to our students that can have a high impact in their success.
  • Opportunity to “give back” to the university and support our future Aggie engineers and leaders.

FGEn Mentoring Program Terms and Conditions

Although the FGEn Mentoring Program is focused on first-generation engineering students, it is a Texas A&M University activity. Therefore, all the terms and conditions of the university-level mentoring program also apply to FGEn mentoring program.

Sign up for the FGEn Mentor Program

Click here for instructions on how to participate in the FGEn Mentoring Program. You will be asked a few (3 or 4) questions related to your interest and background (department, expertise, etc.)  in order to pair you with a matching mentee.