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Mentee Eligibility and Requirements

  • You must be a first-generation engineering student (neither parent has earned a bachelor’s degree in any discipline).
  • Must be 18 years of age before registering with the FGEn Mentoring Program.
  • Commit to fulfilling program responsibilities, including contacting your mentor according to the requirements of the individual college or unit mentoring programs; attending fall and spring mentoring events; and attending all required orientation and training workshops.
  • Agree to represent Texas A&M University in a professional manner throughout your participation.
  • Enthusiasm for the opportunity to develop networking and communication skills.

Benefits of FGEn Mentoring Program

  • Get personal and professional advice from seasoned mentors who deeply care about your success.
  • Work with your mentor to leverage college and university resources to help you succeed in your personal, academic and professional lives. 
  • Our data shows that the FGEn students who participated in this mentoring program achieved higher academic success than those who did not.

FGEn Mentoring Program Terms and Conditions

Although FGEn Mentoring Program is focused on first-generation engineering students, it is a part of Texas A&M University activity. Therefore, all the terms and conditions of the university-level mentoring program also apply to FGEn Mentoring Program.

Join the FGEn Mentoring Program

Registration instructions to participate in the FGEn Mentoring Program are available here. You will be asked a few (3 or 4) questions related to your interest and background (areas seeking mentoring, engineering areas needing help) in order to pair you with a matching mentor.