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group of students working together building a prototype
Discover this academic makerspace where engineering students have access to state-of-the-art prototyping tools, equipment, material and support staff.
students working on an equation together
Get information on the application process and funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and transfer students. 
future aggie engineer primary students
PK-12 Outreach Spark!
Students and organizations can bring hands-on activities or design challenges to your location or just visit as a guest speaker.

Did you know?

One out of every three engineering students on campus today would not be here without 25 by 25.

The 25 by 25 initiative is creating the most powerful engineering network on the planet by expanding the Aggie Engineering Network.

engineering professors mentor students

One out of every four students on campus is an engineering student.

The Zachry Engineering Education Complex will be the largest academic building on campus, large enough for two Boeing 747s placed end to end.

Zachry Engineering Education Complex

The College of Engineering at Texas A&M has the largest class of female freshman engineering students in the country.

students at engineering project showcase 2018