The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University organizes its faculty in the following four major research areas with applications in energy, healthcare, homeland security, big data and informatics, infrastructure & transportation, and systems engineering.

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Faculty: Banerjee, Bukkapatnam, Curry, Ding, Elwany, Johnson, Klutke, Lawley, Leon, Malavé, Sagapuram
  • Focus: manufacturing processes and systems, additive manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, quality, reliability and maintenance.

Data Science 

  • Faculty: Banerjee, Bukkapatnam, Ding, Gautam, Johnson, Kianfar, Kumar, Moreno-Centeno, Shahrampour, Tuo, Zeng
  • Focus: data analytics, production economics, simulation, spatial optimization, stochastic optimal control

Health and Human Systems Engineering

  • Faculty: Banerjee, Ferris, Lawley, Sasangohar, Ntaimo, Zhang, McDonald, Currie-Gregg
  • Focus: cognitive engineering, healthcare delivery, human information processing, system engineering, engineering management.

Operations Research

  • Systems Informatics LabFaculty: Butenko, Elwany, Gautam, Kianfar, Kumar, Leon, Moreno-Centeno, Ntaimo, Shahrampour, Smith, McDonald, Wortman 
  • Focus: optimization, stochastic processes, applied probability, risk analysis.